Old school bass rod score!


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A lot of very cool old school plugs and lures, at an antique shop in McMinnville. Bought a VERY SWEET old school, one-piece, 6' Browning Silaflex fiberlass bass rod, with double-footed guides...in near mint condition.

Attached to that same rod, was a near mint Quick low profile DS200L, high speed retrieve, 11-bearing casting/trolling reel. Only $50 for both; and BAM! I'm a happy camper!

Also snapped up an old school Lamiglas S-Glass 5'8" bass spin rod, for only $10 at another shop. Man do I love it, when my job takes me to places where I find this stuff!

I'll post more pics, as time allows.

P.S. Maybe I really shouldn't use the words "snapped", and "rod", in the same sentence? :D


Probably take 'em to places like Hagg; where if the trout aren't biting...switch hit for smallies!
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Yes it really is...almost showroom condition. I've never seen that specific model before; but it's a "higher end" variant for sure. I'll definitely have fun with it; thank you.

P.S. Forgot to mention; it's called a "Redman" model.

Looks like they are available online. This if from Amazon:

Ball Bearing: 10+1pcs
Net Weight: 215g
Dexterity: Left Hand (The handle in the left side)
Line Capacity (mm/m): 0.29/110, 0.32/90
Line Capacity (lbs/yds): 12/120, 14/100
Model: DS200L
Item Color: Orange
Gear Ratio: 6.3:1
Package: Original packing with box

- Suitable for Coarse/Freshwater Fishing
- High Speed Ball Bearings and SUS Ball Bearings
- Forged Aluminum Alloy Spool
- Instant Anti-reverse
- Low-profile Design One Piece Aluminum Frame CNC machined
- Quick Remove Side Plate
- Ultra Wear-resisting Line Guide
- Magnetic Force Brake System
- Star Drag
- Ticktack for the Spool & Magnetic-force Adjuster
- Soft-touch Handle Knob
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Thanks Camo; and NO way Hooky! Ha ha. It's a "keeper" fo' sho'!

P.S. Here's a pic, of my very first reel (also a D.A.M. Quick reel). My gramps gave it to me, when I was a wee lad. Sadly that old cast iron reel--along with my Eagle Claw rod--lie, at the bottom of Blue Lake (next to Suttle Lake). I'm also right-handed; but that reel was a lefty. So I still use lefty's to this day.

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I've got a 220 in that same reel in my collection. Pretty sweet reels. Reeled a bunch of trout in with that baby!

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I hear ya buddy. I've owned 110's, 220's, 330's, 440's, their high-speed variants, etc. Loved everyone of them. There's a rod/reel/bait shop, in Oakridge. I visited with the owner, several years ago. He showed me several desk drawers FULL of them! Those sucka's were the workhorse reel, of their day.

I'm also the proud owner, of a matching pair of 7' 6" DAM Quick S-Glass spin rods too. They are ultra light weight (hollow glass), and have lots of upper flex--but nice stout butts, for larger quarry. Bought 'em from a dude in Portland, on eBay, a few years ago.


Ha ha. Maybe so.

Here are a few other bass lures, that I got pics of, at that antique shop. If any of you want to visit the shop...there's LOTS more! It's called Third Time Around, and is open Mon-Sun 10-5.

The lady that runs it, Linda, is very nice. We chatted about fishing & classic rock, while I was browsing. She was also nice enough, to call Brian for me (he's the dude that owns the fishing gear, that's for sale). Her number is 503-857-5528. Feel free to let her know, that I sent you (maybe I'll get a discount next time...ha ha ha).



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