Newbie asking about telescoping fishing rods

Hi all respected, experienced members

Sorry for asking a stupid question as a total newbie.

I would like to buy a telescopic carbon fishing rod to start off with, together with a reel and a set in a kit bag to make it easier, instead of having to go looking up and searching what else I need to buy (assuming if I decided to buy just a rod and reel, then need to search for the other accessories that I know absolutely nothing about).

But my first question if I may ask:

If a telescopic fishing rod is 3 metres long, then does that mean I can make it shorter (less than 3 metres) by not fully opening it OR does it mean I have no option but to fully open the full 3 metres for it to function???

I could not find the answer at google LOL

Thank you to anyone who can give me advice and sorry for a very basic question here.


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Hi James. Welcome to the addiction called fishing. I owned several telescoping rods in my early fishing days. All of them had to be fully extended when fishing with them in order to work right.

My 2 cents, I would buy a multi-section pack rod rather than a telescoping one. My experience has been that they cast better, have better sensitivity to feel a fish bite, and are better made than telescoping rods in general.


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I agree with @Aervax. I would go with a multi-piece rod unless you are looking at a Tenkara rod or something like that where telescoping is the norm.
Hi Aervax and bass
Thank you for this, but I do not know what a multi-piece rod is?
I presume small rods that have to be connected together?
Bear in mind, I need to place this in my hiking backpack, therefore needs to be compact and lightweight and short.
Then I am also a newbie, and not in the USA, therefore if I buy from abroad, there are import taxes. So I would think an amateur must not over invest initially.
I appreciate all your advice.
Many thanks


Hello James, welcome to OFF.

I totally agree with the others. Telescoping rods aren't worth spending any money on at all IMO.

What the others are essentially referring to are known as "pack rods". They come in 3, 4, or even more sections. They are all part of the same rod, which is built in short sections. So that it can be stored in a backpack or suitcase. Then put together when your arrive at your destination. Many company's have made pack rods over the years including Fenwick, Lamiglas, Eagle Claw (which was Wright/McGill earlier), Sage, Winston, and many others. The term "travel rods" is also used, to describe the rods as well.

Incidentally I highly suggest that you do NOT get a combination FLY/SPIN pack rod. If you are going to Fly fish; then get a fly rod. If you are going to spin cast, then get a spinning rod. They are built differently; and do NOT do BOTH types well.

Just do some google searches--or visit some sporting goods web sites--and I am sure that you'll find what you're looking for.

Here is an example of a moderately priced "pack rod":