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Alright, so this one is a new but fun one for me. I mainly only fly fish and have been fly fishing since I was 13-14 years old. Before that age I only fished camping with a bobber and worm. My buddy messaged me seeing if I wanted to make a guys fishing/camping trip in Oregon (June) for with a few Army buddies for a get together. I told him it was a great idea and already started to plan it out. Not one of them are fly fishermen and want to fish Oregon lakes, which is fine by me. My buddy Logan decided he wanted to start a competition during this trip just between me and him. He's never fly fished and is one heck of a fisherman up in Northern Minn. He wants to see who can catch more fish but I have to use a spinning rod and he has to use a fly rod for a 3 hour time frame each day we fish. I'm trying to get a head start and start buying lures early on over time so I have them by the time we go on this trip. I have no idea what a decent spinning rod is nor decent lures to use on Mt.Hood lakes and Olallie lakes. The rules of the competition is we have to get a rod/reel combo for less than $100 and spend less than $50 on lures, flies and bait. I feel like I have a edge cause using a spinning rod is easier than starting from nothing fly fishing. I think he's going to take fly fishing classes before hand, so atleast he's not starting from absolute no background on it. I need help picking stuff that will catch trout in these lakes and some tactics. I have read that Blue Fox spinners are good and Powerbait, but besides that I have no idea. So any help and tips would be great for an Oregon native fly fisherman trying to beat a outsider, fishing in our backyard. I have been thinking I could rig up some of my streamers and wooly buggers I already have which will be no cost towards the rules of lures. This is a week long competition for us. Oh yeah one more thing! I will have a float tube and also a row/drift boat for these lakes. He might bring his boat but I'm not sure yet.
Here's my two cents. Powerbait can be effective for stockers but is far from my favorite form of fishing. I'd much rather toss gear and find I often out fish powerbaiters unless there's been a recent stocking. My two preferred lures for trout are Thomas Bouyants; colors-blue metallic rainbow, red, silver, gold, that order, I think 1/2-3/4oz size and the other is Lil' Cleo's colors-silver and blue, silver and red, gold, and silver same size as the bouyants
Yep. Lil' Cleo's, are good for depth. And Thomas Bouyants, are great for shallows. Both are also excellent, for trolling as well. And some guys do well bank casting, with Lil' Cleo's by removing the hook. Then they use the Cleo, as a flasher--tie on some leader--then add a hook and salad shrimp, Berkley's Mice Tails, etc. to entice bites.
My favorite lures for trout are the Panther Martin teardrops in a red spotted or yellow black spotted pattern. Another really good one after it rains is a Rooster Tail in either a darker green or yellow pattern. All of which you can either cast and retrieve or troll, although you will likely need some sort of weight to pull them down the the desired depth if you are trolling.

Do you happen to know what lakes you will be fishing? That might help some folks to give you a little bit better list of lures/gear to try.
I've caught many trout in Trillium lake on a 1/4 oz chartreuse Rooster Tail lures.........

Row the boat to the upwind side of the lake then wind drift casting and retrieving.........

I've also done well on chartreuse power bait slow trolling with the boat. Snap swivel on the main line with about a 3 ft. 2# or 2# leader (I like Maxima clear) to a small egg hook with a glob of power bait. Put a small splitshot above the snap, just enough weight to get you down, and then slowly row with this setup casted out behind you.
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