How to fish certain setups!

As we all should know by now I am new to the PNW. I moved here from Miami, Florida and have been slowly learning the fishing techniques out here, key word on slowly.

So I have several questions as my winter Steelhead season comes to an end.

I have tried various techniques out here and never really felt like I was fishing them properly.

1) Lets say that I am fishing a double bead set up, under a bobber dog float. To be fishing that one correctly I should be dragging my lead on the bottom and the float should be laying flat and the bottom should be facing upstream? I should periodically feel bottom ?

2) Same set up but with what i call a vertical float. Am I still supposed to be dragging bottom? How does the float look? Should it be straight up and down or at a 45?
(Do you ever fish beads and don't drag them across the bottom?)

3) Jig and a vertical float. Is the jig head supposed to be just tapping the bottom? This means my lead should be suspended in the water and not on bottom then. Should the float be vertical? Do you ever bobber dog a jig and drag it across the bottom?

4) Eggs and bobber dog? I cured my own set of eggs this year and fished them a couple of times but had no clue what to do with them lol. So this one is open.

Is there a simplification of these and I should just assume if I am fishing the vertical float I should be "Chandlering" or just on bottom with my presentation and bobber dogging I should be dragging my lead on the bottom.

Also a side bar, I was fishing one spot and must of had my bobber stop set at 15' and still never felt bottom. I am confident that the hole was no more than 10' deep. So what do I do when i don't feel bottom but I am confident that I should be deep enough? Does this mean that I need more weight to get my presentation down ?

Any help would be great! In Florida we fish like a bunch of simpletons, compared to you guys. There is not much technique needed to catch our fish at a high rate. That is not the case here unless it is stocker trout lol.

Thanks guys!


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I don't know anything about bobber dogging but for #3 above, if your jig is dragging and the float is pointed downstream, you're probably about to kiss it goodbye.

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There are two ways I bobber dog. One is with a chopped float. With the chopped float you want your lead to tap bottom about every 5 seconds or so. Bobber is pointing down river with the current pushing the flat chopped section, presentation is behind the float. The other I use in shallower water. 3/8oz or 1/4oz float with long leader, with split shot in the middle and a soft bead. Presentation is in front of the float, I think it is less likely to spook fish in shallow/clear water.
Agree with what C_Run said. I match my weight to my float so there is less resistance for the fish to feel. I never fish larger than 1/4oz jig. Your float should be straight up and down. Fish eggs the same way.
Not sure what the current speed was but you probably didn't have enough weight when you couldn't find bottom.
Thanks guys.

I think I have a better understanding of how to present the different techniques.

Do you only bobber dog bead and stuff like yarnies and korkies?


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Here is a recent poll taken that can help answer your question...

I’ll admit that I was surprised with with the worms results!



Starting with the bead question; your weight should be at or slightly deeper than the river depth. It should be tapping or slightly dragging bottom. I would say not to let it drag too much, I have the best luck when my bobber it pointed slightly down river, which answers question 2.

With float and jig set ups, you want the jigs at the fish’s level or slightly above their eye level. You do not want it dragging!

Regardless of your method, you should have an uninterrupted, natural float, so use a long rod, at least 9 1/2 to 10 1/2 foot in length so you can mend that line to keep the current from grabbing it.

Hope this helps!
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