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Hello, I'm New to the board here. I'm hitting McGregor fishing park on the calm side in the morning. That's the park before the wjh hatchery dam. I'll be using night crawlers and eggs. Anyone having luck on the upper rogue bank fishing for steelhead? This is day 4 with nothing.



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Welcome aboard! Wish I had something to share with you. I love the Rogue, but haven't been down there in way too long. We do have members in that area who should be able to help, though. Please come back and let us know how you ended up doing. Oh, and we love fish porn!


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No luck today. Anyone in southern Oregon have a drift boat that would want to hook up? I have Doritos and Chipotle Chulula sauce.
If you live in white city try the denman wildlife area, its near touvelle bridge. I used to do OK this time of year there using lil Cleo's. Good luck!

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