Nestucca tidewaters

Old Cole
Hi all,

im appearing out of my normal lurking state to ask for advise on a little adventure that the wife and I have planned for mid October.
a short story, when I was a kid, my step dad would take him and I up to Hebo and around the little Nestucca where he had made arrangements with a land owner to give us access to the river through his property. We’d always get a few fish and for me it is a great memory.
Recently, we were staying in Astoria in an Airbnb and I decided to start looking at rentals on the river. After looking at the fall run line up I zeroed in on the Nestucca tidewater for October chinook. I found and rented a place on one of the main canals and just a short paddle to the mouth of the river. I have never fished in a tidal environment but it seems like the incoming tide would be the right time. I recently acquired a Benifide ss127 and decided that I could launch from the canal.
having said all that, any advice on how to fish for these monsters, bait setup and timing would be greatly appreciated. It’s going to be my 71st birthday and I couldn’t think of a way to celebrate.

thanks in advance.
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Incoming tide is a good start, best part in my opinion is a couple hours before high slack tide and through high slack tide. Fish coming in from the ocean do like bait as in herring either whole or plug cut. Since you are not going until October you might want to get your hands on a copy of "

Illustrated Rigging for Salmon, Steelhead and Trout: Written by Robert Campbell, 2007 Edition, Publisher: Frank Amato Publications"​

This book has it all and is full of how to tie up your rigs and which rig to use in any circumstance. Take some time and read through it. If questions pop up feel free to ask.
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Old Cole
Thank you for the tip and the book title. I'm on it..
There are a few holes away from the bankies that congregate at the bridge. You can fish the bridge area from the other side but I usually stay away. I've caught fish a number of ways in tidewater but the most productive I've found is tossing spinners. I've also anchored and dropped kwik fish down during an outgoing tide and caught them. Bobber and bait is a solid tactic. But if it were me, I would find a good hole (might see some rising fish) and chuck spinners.

You will also see boats trolling. I've never done it there but if that's you're game give it a try.
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X2 on the aforementioned book!

I wish that my grandparents were still around, and in their house across the street from the Little 'Tucca.
Old Cole
Thanks for the direction. I’m going down and scout it all out very soon. It’s been years since I’ve been there. The last time I think there was a little Main Street and the beach access road. We always go past Pacific Beach but never stop.
"short paddle"... are you fishing from a kayak? I've been there fishing quite a bit with our friends who live right on the spit. I'd say spinners and bobber and bait are the two most common ways the bank fishermen do it there although there are some novel approaches I have seen such as casting wobblers and big Kwiks. My buddy got a 40 lb. with a herring at the mouth from his boat a few years back. I like spinners myself.
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Old Cole
I tried to post a map. it Looks like a 1/4 mile trek down the canal to the tidewater. I’ll be in a kayak but the owner said that he has caught fish in the canal during the run. I guess we will see.
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Old Cole said:
Here’s the location of the property. i’ll be using a kayak. I guess the owner has actually caught salmon in this channel. I’m not sure how realistic that is.
In my experience, you'll know where they congregate by seeing them rise. That is why spinners and bobber and bait are so popular there. Just anchor near them and cast. A lot of guys just wade out from their backyard and catch fish. I was sitting on anchor one morning catching fish in front of my friend's house and his neighbor wades out, makes one cast and catches a toad. Pretty fun to see that kind of stuff.
Was just talking with my brother in-law tonight about fishing the Nestucca and bay as he’s got a place in Pacific City. Fishing/Crabbing the mouth in September-October or drifting from Cloverdale to Pacific City would be a great time!
Old Cole
Sounds like a plan. I’ll be there mid October for 5 days. There’s some flaming to be done as well.
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