Monroe landing

is this developed yet or even opened to the public?
I had never heard of Monroe park so I looked it up. Here is what the county has to say;
This is a small, undeveloped park along the South Yamhill River. There are not restrooms or picnic tables. The access is currently restricted. This park is found on Hwy 99W, 4 miles south of McMinnville and located at Whiteson Landfill on Riverbend Road.
I am not sure why we need a park next to the dump that we can't get to?
Site and phone #

Site and phone #

Here is the site, along with the phone number to ask what "restrictive access" means..could be weekends and daylight only, maybe a permit. It doesn't mean it is closed:think:

Yamhill County Parks

I tried to find it on google maps..but, no luck.. found a riverbend Landfill, south of Mc Minn.. but, no water near it... plus it was off Hwy 18, rather than 99..
Found it...

Found it...

Did some more searching..and found it.. course google doesn't show much detail as to what roads to take to get there, and how many are private property..
went by there yesterday-gate locked.
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