Met another OFF member

My son and I were in Walmart in Salem and had to get some popcorn chicken so we decided to go have lunch at Wirth.....there were a few people fishin and one guy was fly fishin so I dig out my crutch and head over. Met Drew from the forum.....visited for a bit, wishin I had my rod with me. Very nice was nice meetin you, Drew, and lookin forward to gettin you to one of the gatherings in the near future. :D
Very nice to meet you as well Rose, I look forward to the gatherings.

Those Brooders are a kick, I stick to the hatchery fish until the rivers open up.
Brooder carp?? Wait, what?
^^^ hahaha

Glad to hear Drew is coming to the next get together
Wirth is where I first spotted Drew too. And I had also stopped for lunch.

Great minds think alike, eh Rose? LOL
I missed out lol. If any one ever wants to meet drew or I we are at Wirth quite a lot. It would actually be a good place for a meet and BBQ considering the park over the bridge. Hint Hint. MMMMMM BBQ>>>DROOOOOL
I am going to give fishing a try in the morning...yay!!!! If the bank of a river is not safe for me yet I may be at Wirth....hehe.....Gotta keep myself healthy and unharmed for my trip with Jeanna on the 4th...
yeah, a bunch of us could crowd the banks and eat like pigs/catch some fish :lol: good luck out there rose! let us know how you do
Wirth is getting another large batch of legal sized fish and a pinch of pounders next week, I think I'll just bring a fly rod and hand out some free lip piercings to the fish.
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