Maxima or Trilene



This thread has had so much debate I decided to call maxima to see what the problem is, they declined to discuss it. But a fishing specialist at " another " line company did.
1. maximum over 12 lb test is considered very difficult to work with 8 lb or less is ideal.
2. overspooling is the most prevelant cause of birdnesting, putting line heavier than the reel states it made for is number 2.
3. If fishing for game requiring larger than 10 lb test you probably should be fishing a baitcaster or a levelwind, heavy line just does not perform consistently on spin casters.
4. If you insist on mono and 10 lb plus, spool half with max and half with smaller diameter fireline.
5. If you purchased the line at a major retailer it is almost impossible to purchase an old spool.
6. If when spooling the line is pigtailing flip the line over, no matter what side you started on.
7. If you do get a bum spool... return it.
8. If you wish to keep the bum line troll it weighted behind your boat for half an hour, when you get home treat it with a high qaulity line dressing.
9. according to him, max is better for fishing, trilene is better for fishermen.
10. Myself I use fireline with a small amount of braided backing.
great poist hilibuthitman
Thank you halibuthitman, good stuff there.
Yeah, great info there, "max is better for fishing, trilene is better for fishermen" sums it up for me. Seems like a choice between a stiff tuff line and limp easy handling one. I'm not sure its possible to make a tuff easy mono?
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