Looking for a fishing partner

i live in oregon city and fish the clack mostly since its so close. just never have anyone to go with. i try and stay off the river on the weekends not so big on the crowds. anyone ever want to go fishing durring the week just let me no work in the afternoon so most of the ime i am done by 1 or so
welcome to the forum!. im not the guy but,im sure there is someone to be your fishin partner. there are a lot of people near the clack on here.

i pm u
I'm game to fish the Clackamas. I've fished McIver a few times, never any lower. I also avoid the weekends and have plenty of free time during the week.
Same here as long as you dont mind a punk college kid I'll fish with ya. I have a month off and will be on river for winters for most of it
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