Just moved to St. Helens, looking for help as to where the best fishing is


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Hello everyone ! Thanks for taking the time to read my post. As the title states, I just moved to St. Helen's and dont know any place to fish in the area. Does anyone have suggestions on where to go to? I would like to fish for Trout, Bass, Salmon and Steelhead. Any suggestions will be a great help!


The Big C, the WIlly, Sandy, Clack, Hagg Lake, and the coastal streams like the Wilson, Trask, Kilchis, Miami, etc. Plus the coastal lakes too. This time of year think Lakes for warmwater species, and streams for trout, steel, nooks and ho's. Good luck.

P.S. Get yourself a copy of "Fishing in Oregon", 11th Ed., by Maddy Sheehan and / or "Complete Angler's Guide to Oregon", 1st or 2nd Ed., by John Shewey. And get the "bible" of stream fishing in our area:
Look up Salmonberry Reservoir. It gets stocked with trout and also has Smallmouth Bass in it. Trojan ponds is another option for trout. As for Salmon and Steelhead, your gonna have to travel, unless you can get out on the Columbia. Places like Gnat Creek, Big Creek, Clackamas and Sandy rivers are good options, or head for the coast and hit the Wilson or Trask.