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All 12" or smaller......

Took the fiance out with some friends on their kayaks after work today, got to Hult about 4pm and did one circle on the lake. Water is clearer than ever, had to get smaller baits until they would start hitting, which meant a lot of dinks! So I broke out the micro lite trout rod and had a blast!

3-4" senko on a 2/0 EWG hook did the trick

Saw a MONSTER bedding fish, she has to be 5lbs+, hasn't played eggs yet and isn't too tight to the bed, which is actually a stump

I put my Costas over the lenses on my camera and tried to take a photo, wish there was a size reference

Water is clearer than ever, 15' of water vis for sure.

Tons of bluegill, trout popping, and cruising bass. 20200529_184304.jpg20200529_165039.jpg20200529_164304.jpgIMG_2524.jpg
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