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  • Jay, you are absolutely right, I do like it. Being a thin-skinned person and the son of Irish immigrants (I started writing out "prostitutes" instead of "immigrants" right then...wonder what that was all about) I take great offense with some American St Patrick Day idiocy (not the drinking, the "Irish Spring" accents and that sort of crap). The cat is succinct, and humorous without using "St Paddy's" "sure and begorrah" or green beer.

    Lol I think I have you beat.. Having a star trek tattoo and all :) I didn't mind enterprise that much I liked how for like half the series it was one continuous story, find the zindi! Ds9... Was too dark... Voyager was my favorite and then next gen... Couldn't stand tos or the cartoon! I was really big into star trek the ccg, I had 30,000+cards but recently sold most of my collection to feed my fishin habit! That and my wife said they had to go in the garage where They would just get ruined :/
    I'm going to take your advice pick up a few wedding rings in that color.
    I'm looking forward to giving them a try. Like I said I'm no expert, I continue to try to learn because I like catching fish. As far as turning to the DARK side. I didn't posses the skill or the patience
    yeah the time is upon us! cant wait to go fish the res. and i will talk to dave and rose im sure they would love to do the mary's sometime
    if you ever wanna go fish the mary's let me know. will be making more then one trip out there this year if i can find good enough water thanks again for the tips.
    thanks for the heads up td,, and this area sounds really nice id love to check it out sometime if you would be up for it. i plan to try the river out after it rains a bit.
    Hi, That's OK. I hope you get very well soon and ready to continue fishing!
    I've been to several fishing trips this summer which were pretty good. Now that I caught my first steelhead on the D, I'm shooting for my first salmon. A salmon broke my line on Santiam river (waterloo area). I was using a 4lb line!! I almost had it on the bank but the line broke after his final move! The fish was huge (for me!!).

    Enjoy the fall fishing and maybe we can go on a trip together sometime.
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