Heading out to St. Louis this evening

Hello to all fish fanatics,

First time poster, but have keep updated with all of you 'off'ers great information about all the waterways in and around oregon for about the last year. Decided it was my turn to add to the info. Of course I will be fishing pond 6 at some point tonight for the hatchery trout they planted last week. But I am taking my friend from Arkansas that loves to catch cat fish. Not sure if there are any in there but the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife states there are channel cats in one of the ponds on their website.

Any info helps....thank you!

And if you happen to stop by the ponds tonight and see two dudes listening to the blazer game while fishing...come say "hi" :)
On one of the threads someone caught a biggun catfish at one of the ponds there, about 1 or 2 years ago. :lol::lol::lol::cool:

Good Luck Bro.
Thanks man I will be back with a update tonight...
If the biggun is a female especially, please take a pic & release her to continue with the good genes to multiply.
The pan size fish taste much better, deepfried fillets. :)
I am all about C&R. Unfortunately she did not take the bait as originally planned. Did catch one 9 inch hatchery trout out of pond 6. The rain started as soon as I got there as well. Am thinking about hitting up Hagg, Sheridan Pond, or going back to St. Louis tomorrow. I got the fever...…
good luck tomorrow you should try to get one of those 8-15 pounds trout out of Hagg!!!
Well that would be nice. I've done my research on this site about where to fish from the bank at Hagg Lake. Let's hope for some nice weather.
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