Crash course - ened help now!!!

Hey guys and gals. I just found out that I'll be fishing for some salmon on the columbia/snake this weekend and I need your help.

We will be fishing from a boat but I'm going to need my own gear. I've never fished for Salmon from a boat so what do I need to take? I've got the rod(s) covered but that's it. I've heard that we are going to be anchored and that the current runs about 2mph at this spot.

I'm not familiar with most of the big river gear so if you could post links to items you name i'd like to get a visual to what your taking about.

Thanks in advance.
kwikfish with sardin wrap and some sent to put on the sardin.that works good for me up there
A couple of way to go here. One from your main line attach a spreader, from the spreader run out your leader to your lure (quick fish, alvin, toman spinner) on the other part tie a dropper line for your weight. The closer to the bottom you want to be the shorter the dropper line. I like 12" to 10".

Second method put a slider weight clip on your main line, next a bead,next a swivel , then your leader then lure. Tie a dropper line to the slider and add weight.

Anchor fishing is kind of like trolling in one spot. Let the line out, feel the weight hit the bottom, pick it up let out more line until you don't pick up the weight when you lift the rod. That will keep you on the bottom.
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So how did it go any fish stories????
The biggest fish story of the weekend was the 50 boats and the 10 fish (maybe) that were caught between them. The bite was OFF :(

had a fun trip though. learned some new fishing techniques and am ready to go back. I bought the season pass for washington to help motivate my return.
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At least you were out on the water. Glad you had a good time.
:lol: MOTIVATIONAL $$$ SPENT! Better than a motivational speaker by far!
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