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Howdy Y'all I grew up catfishing in the Ozarks and moved out here about 7 years ago. Been trying to find catfish out here and I heard you can catch cats over in the Multnomah Channel.

What suggestions would you have for locations and presentations to snatch these underwater felines?


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Never targeted them here but I would imagine fishing for cats on the channel would more than likely get you into'd forget all about the channel cats after hooking an oversized sturgosaurus!

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Most of the catfish in the Willamette and Multnomah Channel (MC) are bullhead. I catch them on accident fishing for sturgeon or walleye. They are usually really fat. Once a year or so I catch a channel cat in the river. They are always healthy and fat too but there just do not seem to be that many of them around. I do not know of any place around here where channel cats are prevalent. I think that sturgeon mostly hold that spot in the food chain and outcompete the channel cats. Plus, the pikieminnows also would be a competitor for smaller cats.

Also, I am in agreement with Billl. I would not eat a resident fish out of the MC. It is downstream from the Portland harbor superfund cleanup site. Check page 16 of the ODFW regulations under health advisories.


Caught a week ago in Superfund..

But if you want bigger, need to go to Eastern OR to the Sandy, or get a WA one day license and fish one of their stocked lakes with channel cats. Closest one is 2 hours away from Portland.



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Agree. Probably not, the Sandy. There ain't any cats in the Sandy, that I'm aware of.
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