I forgot the net and it cost me

Last Saturday (29th) the wind was too stiff (>20mph all day) in the gorge so I thought I would hit the upper Willamette. I was bummed to see that they had just put in the flashboards on Thursday (raises the upper river 3' for summer recreation) and when they do that the bass are a little wonky for a while before they settle down and start grouping up tighter. I met up with a buddy, @campsean, still hoping for a good day.

It was really great to see Sean but the fishing was pretty mediocre. I ended up with 33 smallmouth with the emphasis on the small part :) My best fish was probably pound and a quarter or so. I did lose 3 nice fish over the course of the day including one I think i definitely would have had if I had remembered my net. Here is a picture moments before disaster:

I had a good look at that fish and it was all of 18". Not a giant but that would have made up for the dinkfest but it was just not to be. The other two nice fish I lost both just had the hook pull out. Once on a spybait (which happens) and once on Ned rig which is just bizarre.

The highlight of the day was catching a channel catfish on a Ned rig.

That was a fun bycatch. As soon as it started fighting I knew I had a cat on. I usually catch a handful of channel cats on lures each summer on the upper river. I assume their numbers must be half decent in order for that to happen.

Still, it was a beautiful day to be out on the water so I can't complain too much. The sky in the afternoon was so cool looking in the afternoon:

Caught most of the fish on a Ned rig. After mid-morning the moving bait bite really fell off. It did pick up again as I was leaving but I was too tired to keep fishing.

Here is some video of me reeling in a bunch of small bass if you are really bored :)

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