Central zone high lakes accessibility?

Does anyone know if some of the high lakes in the central zone, like the century drive lakes are accessible yet?

Someone I talked to yesterday that you can get to Davis Lake now, I might cruise up there and do some recon with the float tube tomorrow.

Wickiup opens on the 22nd of this month, does anyone know if that will be accessible?

I need to get on some new water, May 22nd couldn't come quick enough!
You can most likely get to the Cultus turn off but I doubt get in there, the Crescent Cutoff was plowed so Davis maybe if they plowed down to the ramps. Wickiup is a go!
Went to Lava Lake last year, in late June, and it had snowed the day before. So...it's still mighty early. But if you can get to a lake in there, good luck!
Awesome, thanks guys!
wickiup & crane main ramps/marina are open as of yesterday out of sunriver via #42 and from wickiup junction via #43 to #42. Cascade Lakes Hwy is then open south to davis @ #42 junction. forecast is cold with snow & rain. Those 2 roads have been clear for awhile now. the gates have been closed, though.
Fished Crane Prairie the last 2 weekends. Crane Prairie campground on the NE side was the only ramp open. Weather was cold and windy, plagues of gnats swarming constantly, but we caught some nice fish between 17" to 19" so all was good. No hawgs landed. Fishing the flats in 8 to 10 foot of water just off the channels was where we caught fish but a few boats were picking some up trolling the channels. Plenty of snow on the peaks so the views are scenic wherever you look. I always intend to spend time at Wikiup when I go but as usual it was too windy for a little 14 foot boat with 3 grown men. Maybe next month.
Anyone know if Davis Lake is accessible yet?
cascade lakes highway scheduled to open May 10 this year.
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