Bond Butte Pond Fishing

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grampa ron
Bond Butte

I have fished it a couple times from the bank. The state stocked it with channel cats a few years ago. There are some big ones in there. Also bass and bluegill. It's pretty weedy. I heard chicken livers will get the cats. Fish the openings in the weeds. If you actually hook a cat, be prepared to drug around!
its not as good as everyone thinks i live just a mile from it and fish it often with my kids lots of small fish and the catfish are very few and far between
I have fished it a few times but we get up there after dark and always end up fishing in the weeds. I have caught several mud cats each time out. One time I took my boat up to go bass fishing in the morning but everyone got to drunk and fell asleep (except for me) and didn't want to fish in the morning. I've seen guys putting there boats in at the first little gravel boat ramp at the crack of dawn as we were leaving so I figure that its worth it to bass fish the pond. Road doesn't go back very far and the pond is surround by a field so I don't know how good the bank access is. I think a boat or toon would be the best bet. As for channels I have yet to get one but hear they are there.
Yeah the cahnnels are pretty big in there if you get into one of em. my dads buddy caught a 8-10 pounder out there a couple summers ago on chicken livers. the back corner south part of the pond is where you want to be if you got a Toon or a Boat. Never caught a bass out there but talked to a couple guys a while back that got into a couple naice fish out there throwing just NightCrawlers no weight.
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