alsea river

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    Alsea river winter steelhead fishing

    It is my understanding that the Hatchery Steel head will still be running in the Alsea. I will be in the area April 4-10th. Can anyone share any information? Looking for places t fish from shore, lure, bait etc.. Glen B
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    Alsea River salmon advise

    Hi all, I will be getting up early early tomorrow and making the trek to the Alsea river from Eugene for the first time ever. My plan is to bobber fish eggs and tuna balls. High tide tomorrow is around 8AM so I will try to get there at least an hour early in order to explore and find a decent...
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    Fishing the Alsea River boat ramps

    On my way back from the coast on old hwy 34 I stopped at a few boat ramps to catch trout. I caught 3 at one place and 4 at another 3 rainbows and 4 "redbanded" trout first fish of the day was a beauty the rest were a little on the small side. It was just a beautiful day to go fishing and I loved...
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    Alsea River fish

    Just got the word that there are fish in the trap at Alsea Hatchery , 10+ or so , I guess that's good huh ? Maybe will give the river a try this weekend Wayne:thumb:
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    Meat hole on the alsea river

    Can anyone tell me where the meat hole is on the alsea river? I would really like to take my wife and son down there fishing...
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    Alsea River chinook

    Run is warming . 12- 15 fish per day @ Drift creek, largest so far 32lb. Trolling herring or spinners.
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    Rivers Alsea River Fishing Reports

    Headed to the Alsea River yesterday and floated Mill Creek to Campbell. Water was a little low but definitely fish able. We saw a half dozen boats throughout the day some with fish and others without. We spent a good amount of the morning in the upper stretches pulling plugs, but no takers. As...
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    Alsea River salmon

    Has anyone heard anything good about the Alsea yet?
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    Alsea River levels

    Havent fished the Alsea sence December and might give it a go this weekend. I was wondering if the rvier is blown out or not? Im guessing it is but wasn't sure. Any word would be appreciated. -Thanks Rainbowfisherman
  10. Admin

    Alsea River (River Edge)

    The weather was just great so I headed to the river. Today I decided to recon a new place and it was a successful recon. Blue fox #3 with blue body & silver blade.
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    Alsea River is fantastic....

    Got this bad girl at about 8 oclock on wesnesday in the town of alsea, first cast of the day. This is my 5th steely of this year on the alsea. I would have to say that the run is still on and strong.
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    Alsea River river levels

    Here is the info on water levels for the Alsea
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    Alsea River fishing reports

    Salmon have started to stack in the lower part of the river,I have fished for the past couple of days,no luck however.LOTS of silvers,and a good amount of nooks jumpin like crazy.Oh,and I should mention there are a bunch of sea run cuts in too!Hoping the rain will turn on the bite,I will find...
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