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  • hey thanks for all the helpful info,,,i think im gonna try courtney creek and the siletz,,,hell eventually im gonna try em all,,,,definately gettin me a map,,,,again thanks for your insight,,let me know if you wanna go fishin sometime.
    SH1 - Thanks for the info. on the Alsea. What type of flow rate should I be looking for, to get a drift boat down that river in one piece? Also, can you give me just a little hint at what I'd be looking at, in regard to those couple of tricky spots you mentioned? I am gonna go for a drive and look things over along that river this afternoon. Thanks for the response, I appreciate the help.
    Hey Steelie, How ya doing. I plan on several of us going down the Umpqua sometime in August. We were planning on doing the loop, but I think we will do John woods to Osprey 1 day and do Osprey to Yellow creek the next, and camp out at Tyhee campground. We really want to run the loop from Yellow creek to Elkton. Where did you camp, how many days did it take you? Do you have to get landowners permission to camp in spots? Hey thanks for the info. we have several small pontoons, 1 13 foot pontoon and a drift boat. We are looking forward to floating soon. Thanks for any info. Good luck on the water. Bender
    hey steelhead1 the fish are bitting at hills creek lake they are feeding off the botton plus the bass are just about to hit one was caught iitwas 20 inches long and 7 pounds you can see the pither of the big bass at dinks market on the brag board i hope it keeps warming up so the crappi wil start hitting take care by
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