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    Best bass fishing on the Umpqua?

    So instead of doing class work and putting a ten speed Rockwell back together, a few class mates and I are talking about going bass fishing. A few years ago I was on a trip on the umqua and it was amazing.
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    Shore fishing near Eugene?

    I'm a newbie so be patient with me lol. My father in law was talking about Kokanee in Odell lake, but he doesn't want to drive up there anytime soon....... But says how he wants to catch some(he is a grumpy *******). Any place close to Eugene that we may find some?
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    Advice about fishing the Willamette in the middle of Eugene?

    How's it going guys? New member and very novice at fishing. So I pretty much have the willamette running through my back yard. It looks pretty low, hell I can see the bottom pretty clear and could probably walk across the river. Anyway because of school starting again I can't afford a fishing...
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    New guy to forum and surf fishing....

    Sup guys my name is Tyler and I'm a Eugene native. I'm novice fishermen and I hope that o can learn a bunch from this group. I recently got a surf rod and I'm pretty much hooked; yeah I only got too use it for half a day, but it was so relaxing walking the beach and casting into the surf. I...