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    This is lame
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    Does anyone know where I can buy large pieces of styrofoam in the Eugene/Springfield area?
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    Recommendation for a cheap carport.

    Does anyone have a recommendation/experience for a cheap carport? I'm willing to spend about $400.
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    Deer poop

    My dogs love to eat deer poop. Does anyone know if any wild animals like to eat deer poop?
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    Wood to use for smoking meat

    Does anyone know if hawthorn tree wood is good for smoking meat?
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    Non bladder pontoon

    Any tooners out there have any experience with a non bladder pontoon?
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    I have a question about the wax seal for the toilet

    Is it possible for the wax seal to have an air bubble and not seal correctly? That's the excuse my contractor gave my Wife after he installed our new toilet and it started to leak around the floor.
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    Any old timers remember Thuggin4life?

    I was wondering if anyone had anything positive they'd like to say to him. I know he really wants to hear from you guys. Just say whatever you want and I'll print this thread and send to him.
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    Mckenzie River hazards question

    Does anyone know of any new hazards on the Mckenzie from Hendricks to Harvest?
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    Small dog question

    Has any small dog owners ever had a bird of prey try to snatch your dog?
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    20 Gauge shotgun shells for sale

    $10 dollars a box or $75 for all nine boxes.
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    Free boat

    14ft fiberglass boat. Fixer upper but it floats. Transom is solid. No trailer. Comes with throttle control, and cable pulley system.
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    Signs, signs, everywhere the Signs do this do that. lol

    Has anyone noticed any signs at Crane Prairie or the Twin Lakes warning people to stay out of the water because of some insect that might bite you and send you to the hospital? A guy at work said he saw these signs but couldn't remember the insect and I want to know what the insect is. I...
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    How do you guys/gals feel?

    How do you guys/gals feel when you give up information on here answering a question someone asked and don't get any kind of response from the person asking the question? I don't know about you but it bugs the he!! out of me. I'd rather have an FU over no reply at all. lol
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    I need a reputable coin collector/buyer

    Does anyone know a reputable coin collector/buyer preferably in the Eugen/Springfield area?
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