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  • yeah the time is upon us! cant wait to go fish the res. and i will talk to dave and rose im sure they would love to do the mary's sometime
    if you ever wanna go fish the mary's let me know. will be making more then one trip out there this year if i can find good enough water thanks again for the tips.
    thanks for the heads up td,, and this area sounds really nice id love to check it out sometime if you would be up for it. i plan to try the river out after it rains a bit.
    Hi, That's OK. I hope you get very well soon and ready to continue fishing!
    I've been to several fishing trips this summer which were pretty good. Now that I caught my first steelhead on the D, I'm shooting for my first salmon. A salmon broke my line on Santiam river (waterloo area). I was using a 4lb line!! I almost had it on the bank but the line broke after his final move! The fish was huge (for me!!).

    Enjoy the fall fishing and maybe we can go on a trip together sometime.
    hopefully using a tube dont wanna bank it plan on trollin buggers. can you do me a favor? until the 1st we wont have a home phone and i need to save minutes on my celll can you call dalton rock and see if floatation devices are still allowed? id really appriciateit man and i look forward to fishing with you again.
    Oh man...yes! But, I hope that the whole world won't show up. If it gets over run, the fishery will get ruined. I know that OFFers are kind to the environment. But, too much pressure is a bad thing in the long run. In just a few years (or less), those fish will NOT be "big" anymore.

    At any rate...I am putting OFF my shoulder surgery, so I can fish in November. I am hoping to be on the lake in a toon. But if that doesn't work...then my float tube for sure.

    Will you on the water, or banking it?
    hey's about that time for the reservoir for some fat cutties again. thinking of having an army of OFF toons and tubes this year. you up for it?
    Hello troutdude --

    I've been following this forum for about 6 months, and appreciate all your good info.

    I live in corvallis at teach at OSU. Since summer is probably the only time I have time (no classes!), let me know if you'd like to go fishing sometime and carpool. I'll buy lunch!

    I typically fish in small holes around Philomath area (luckiamute, Homer's Lake), but am willing to go outside my comfort zones these days.


    sounds good to me! yes, i saw all that info that he posted..very sad. alot of people don't get it. you spread the word of good fishing and a new place to fish there will be sawrms an people will keep fish, higher mortality rate... people keeping over their limits.. i jsut recently caght someone using worms in the creek and i told them it was illegal and he said "oh i didn't know...but it's not like anyone cares" so i said i care and if you dont get rid of the worms and fish lures or fleis im calling the cops and contacting odfw. so he left without a word. stuff like that is why i try to keep my mouth shut for the most part
    thanks ill need the luck with the wate being so high! :lol: you can either pm me an adress or i can give it to you next time we trout fish :D
    hey jay, i saw your post on the fly getogether thread on the first page, if you still need a line i have an extra 5/6wt orange floating fly line you could hav free of charge, friends discount even if you dont make it to the get together id be glad to get the line out to you sometime. let me know what you think take care

    me either.

    One of my favorite lakes is Olalla Reservior. I also kind of like Big Creek #2 in Newport. And GP is awesome too!
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