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    Great afternoon trip...

    That smile says it all. Way to go pops! Until today--as the sun pops out--I'd have suggested to fish the top 10' of the water. Which will still work, for now, early mornings and late evenings (before the sun comes out or starts to set). When the sun is out the trout will look for deeper waters...
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    Jed Davis Spinner fishing book- must have!

    This isn't one of my copies. Just sharing because it is the Bible of spinner for steelhead, salmon, and trout. Written by a fellow Oregonian from a very scientific standpoint. This is by far the CHEAPEST that I have seen a copy in years. Get it while you can! Spinner Fishing for Steelhead...
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    Great afternoon trip...

    Brooders can be caught in any of the typical ways, including Power Bait / Power Eggs OFF the bottom. But yeah...floating an inflated worm is legendary (as in it works some of time, but not all of the time...just like any other technique). There is also the infamous "Wickiup Sandwich". Which <pun...
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    Visitor in April

    What a great report! I was about to hit you up--to see how it turned out. Darryl was quite concerned about the Salmon getting shut down, by the torrential rain. But I'm glad that you got into those prehistoric monsters, from NW Hawg Hunters. Hawg Hunters site link: Columbia River Fishing
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    Getting back into fishing

    A good example of that is just a couple of years ago; there used to be 2 stream season openers for trout. The first, was in late March, for streams here in the Willy Zone. The second opener was in late April, for the coastal streams. Where there are many more salmon and steelhead runs. Sadly...
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    Getting back into fishing

    Good lookin' out Rover. Right now most streams are closed. So only lakes and ponds are open for now. Try Henry Hagg Lake, SW of Hillsboro. Mt. Hood Pond is open for kids 17 and under and / or disabled permit holders. It's on the south end of the main campus, but north of the swimming pool...
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    Trouts spots

    It isn't open until May 22nd. It is closed for trout at this time of the year.
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    Fishing books to own

    Izaak's book is not an easy read, by any stretch. As it was written in Olde World English. I'll have to look for those Ellsberg volumes. Thanks for the tip! P.S. You're "hard drive" must be getting full, like mine. Mine is beginning to truncate some of those faded memories.
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    Where can I shoot a pellet/BB gun?

    Yeah public lands are fine. But no city will allow them inside of the city limits. The only exception that I know of, is with the City of Corvallis. But ONLY if you are shooting Starlings. However...that's a law specific to the city of Corvallis. I can't vouch for any other cities or towns.
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    Hagg Lake 7 April 2019

    True dat! LOL
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    Hagg Lake 7 April 2019

    @Anatoliy can you please add a JEALOUS button on this site?! Cuz I wanna be like @bass! Another great report Mr. Bass! You've got me Jonesin' for a trip to Hagg fo' sho'. Just may have to head up, and bank it in a few days. Keep up the great work and the groovy reports.
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    Fishing books to own

    You're very welcome. The list that I shared is but a fraction, of my personal collection. Call me a book nerd, I suppose. LOL It looks like the only Scott Richmond book that I have, is "Fishing in Oregon's Cascade Lakes" from 1994. And it was a neat surprise, to me, to find that it was...
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    Be on the lookout: Native Propel pedal drive

    Good lookin' out Roger.
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    Fishing books to own

    Here's a list of some of my favorite fishing books. If you can find them, get them. They are chock full of valuable information. Which will serve to enhance your fishing experiences in our great state. Good luck, and tight lines! Fishing in Oregon, by Madelynne Diness Sheehan / Flying Pencil...
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    Books to read?

    X 2 for the following: Fishing in Oregon, by Madelynne Diness Sheehan / Flying Pencil Publications / 2013 (11th Ed.) / 399 pages Spinner fishing for Steelhead, Salmon, and Trout, by Jed Davis (the BIBLE of spin fishing) / 1985 / Amato Pub. / 97 pgs. (NOTE: get a 1st or 2nd edition if you can...