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    Any advice on where and how to fish for coastal cutthroat in estuaries and bays?

    It's a tad early, may find some. Two words: Borden Special. Developed decades ago, by Oregonian Bob Borden. Designed SPECIFICALLY for Bluebacks. At Two Rivers Fly Shop, in downtown Albany. Mitch sells DOZENS of them every season. For casting or trolling: Hot Pink Rooster...
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    Lake Simtustus trout

    That's a sweet ride Lonn!
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    Free fishing event

    July 7, Sunday Family Fishing Event 9am-2pm Dundas Pond in Siletz From Highway 229, turn east on the Logsden Rd and drive about 0.7 miles. Turn left after the gated parking lot. The pond is located behind the red barn (labeled as USDA Food Distribution Center in the attached photo “Family...
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    Beaver's n Alton Baker?

    Sounds like a Beaver invasion in duck country. GO BEAVS!!!
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    Fishing out of Newberg, a Father's Day story

    Sure do enjoy reading about your escapades. Your writing style often reminds me of the musings, of Pat McManus. Sans Retch Sweeney.
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    Bluegill length

    Is this a magic trick? Cuz the one on the left, is a swimbait! LOL
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    New to Oregon fishing

    Maybe the Siletz too. It's got steel in it pretty much year round.
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    If it's the pond just east of the bridges, and on the south side of Hwy. 34, do NOT (repeat NOT) eat any of the fish! There is a decades old LANDFILL which butts right up to that pond, on its SW shore.
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    New to Oregon fishing

    Yep. Too late for Summer Steelies; and too early for the Winter runs. Salmon is a much better bet. Although still a tad early for the Fall fish. And OnTheDrop is your "go to" guide! September, however, is a great time to chase Bluebacks / Sea Run Cutties.
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    Leaburg hatchery on the brink of closing...

    From Northwest Outdoors Radio... The Leaburg Fish Hatchery on Oregon’s McKenzie River is going to dry up in terms of funding on June 30th unless over a million dollars are found to keep it in operation. The hatchery has provided salmon, steelhead and trout for the McKenzie River and other...
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    Yamhill depth?

    I was tempted to type "zero". But then I realized that isn't your question. I think.
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    Brook trout

    @CatchEm what part of the state do you live in? How far are you willing to travel? More information will help us, to help you.
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    Wallowa Lake contains barrels labeled Agent Orange!

    I thought about that as I posted. Sorry to hear about you're illness.
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    Brook trout

    Whoops. My bad. Timothy Lake does have some brookies of the caliber requested.
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    Brook trout

    You won't find any that large, on the west side of the Cascades.