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  • I'm happy to see that enjoyed Jay's video pic o' the day. Red just kills me! I also saw a Christmas play a few years ago in Philomath. The kid who produced and starred in it, acted and sounded just like Red Green. It was amazing!

    Hope you enjoyed your afternoon.


    :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: thats hilarious!!!!! I used to watch that show when I lived in Montana....I took the rest of the day OFF so I am going area I think.....Time to do alot of thinking and where better than on the bank of the Santiam....have a great day;)
    naahhhhh not yet....I have a blowup tube from the dollar store that my son uses in the pool.....:lol::lol::lol::lol: I could fancy it up with pine and cardboard and have a redneck float tube......hehe have to leave the straw OFF though...
    :lol::lol::lol:you sent yourself a message..hehe...thats okay...I will probably just delete my account on facebook..i have myspace and that bothers me enough....:rolleyes:
    I'm sorry about all of that. I'm a newbie w/ facebook. Didn't now that you'd have to do all of that. My bad.

    Glad you enjoyed it nonetheless.

    P.S. I thought I was feeling better before going to bed last night / tonight. But, I've gotten worse and coughing woke me up...even though I took Tamazepam to go to sleep (kinda like Valium I think). DOH!
    That's funny....I had to open a facebook account to see it...grrrr then it wouldnt work so I watched it on youtube....hehe...:D
    hmmmm what else...oh, a few of us are going to the Nestucca tomorrow....hopefully we get lucky. Eggs got 2 trout last time but made for a day of not getting totally skunked. The drift boats going by werent having any luck either...difference is we paid alot less for our lack of fish than they did...:lol:

    Anyway, get well...too much fish to be caught to be sick....Rose (had to cut down my message it said it was too long...i talk too much)

    instead of deleting I sent it in 2 way I can keep talking....:dance:
    Jay....Thanks for the article concerning S. Santiam. That is exactly where I want to go,Waterloo. Gonna have to work that in. Yesterday I went to the Stayton bridge and didnt get a thing but had a good time....Went through the brush and up trails and found a couple of good spots. Weather was good only a few drops of rain. Then i stopped at the rest area and fished that for a bit watched a bi plane land and takeoff out of the field across the river...bout 8 times it landed and left..:clap:

    So is lookout strictly boat or is there any good bank fishing? Obviously never been there. You could all wave and holler at us bankers....hehe. You going to the Meldrum bar? So much to fish and not enough days off to do it.
    hey Bro....

    Not a thing....Ended up at the Santiam. It was high at the Stayton bridge but the rest area was nice ????....had to leave tho....responsibilities and all...;o) Wish I would have gone with the Olalla feelin better?

    nestucca on saturday....going to check out the info on the lookout event too...does one need a boat?

    Hope you get to feeling better Troutdude. Hot lemon juice and hunny works good for sore throat. Sorry to have had to cancel that seat for the Lookout fish day. There will be another day, promise.
    Hope to see you at the fish off.

    I live behind Warehouser, Thurston. Hum, Detroit lake hu. I cant go that far at this time. Still no job. There will be other oppertunitys.
    Good fishing at Alton Baker Canal. I still might go to Lookout. Offer still open for Saturday. Let me know.

    Morning Troutdude,

    I am looking forward to the fish off. My fishing buddy is going to make this fish off with me this year. He is a disabled Vet with bad knees. My boat only has two rod holders. He wasn't sure if he was going to get that day off from work, but know he can. I should have wated to make sure before I made a seat open.
    I am very sorry for this. I hope you can understand.
    I still do alot of fishing alone. There will always be another time.
    You had mentioned earlier, this Saturday? 27th. It might be alittle drizzly. Want to hit the water? Allways "Open for Free Will Offering" for gas.
    Let me know. I am really sorry.


    Live to Hunt,Fish for Fun
    I read your posts....sounds like you have been having a great time...I guess I am always at the wrong know what they say about your ship coming in...I need to quit hanging out at the airport...hehe...Anyway...AB canal and ollalla reservoir is on my list..trying to get raincatcher out fishing when her schedule will allow....
    Hey Troutdude,

    I might have a seat open seat. If I dont find a job by then. I should have a seat available. Its yours.

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