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    • Are the last two Tubes with Cone Heads?


      • Originally posted by Chromatose View Post
        Are the last two Tubes with Cone Heads?
        Nope - they a twist on Kelly Galloup's Sex Dungeon - instead of the stacked deer hair head, I decided to do a stacked Laser Dub head. There's two hooks hidden in there - a size 4 and a size 2 Gamakatsu B10S. They are hard to see, but there's small brass eyes hidden in there too, to give the fly a subtle jiggy action.

        I got a killer deal on a rod I've been hunting for for over a year at the Sportman's Show - the TFO Mini Mag, which was actually discontinued by TFO last year. The TFO rep had his closeout rods at River City's booth - and Don made me an offer I couldn't refuse (lol) - I *had* to bring the Mini Mag home. He had two to choose from, I snagged the "8-10" which is actually rated for 300 to 400 grain lines (if you go by grains, thats 10 to 12 weight) like a Rio Outbound.

        I test cast the rods with the lines that I have (heaviest normal non-skagit head) - in this case a variety of 8 weight lines - Rio Gold, Sage Freshwater, a Cabela's WF8 intermediate, and a Rio Leviathan 250 grain full sinker. I was duely impressed by how well the new stick throws line, and when I get a more appropriate (350-400 grain) line, I'm confident that the hugest flies I have (like my 11 inch trout imitation) will sail out.

        I did have one booboo test casting - I had a fairly heavy jig style worm fly (point cut off, thank god) to see how the rod handled heavy stuff. I was going for broke, as I'd hit my backing knot on a few casts with a bit lighter fly. A combination of a sudden wind gust during my back cast, and a extra oopmh haul, and I wound up smacking myself in the left ear with said fly, which broke skin, but had so much force on the impact that it snapped 15lb flourocarbon tippet, caused the fly to continue sailing about 30 feet out into the pond, and the line on my neck and head felt like I'd been bull whipped. But, with that 250 grain line, I was throwing a 5 inch rabbit strip worm fly (moderately weighted with 20 or so lead wraps) 100 feet. I was damn impressed and felt like Lefty Kreh for a few casts.

        I've got a few more flies I've tied up this week I will be posting pix of soon.


        • Nice work Uncle G! Those are some well tied, great looking flies