Willamette Falls fish counts


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Sweet! I've been waiting for these numbers. Been wanting to try a couple of spots I've been eyeballing above the falls. Although my favorite fishing is at the coast, I'd love to find some places to fish away from the lower Willie crowds.
Numbers are on the up and the temp is back down below the 61 degrees I saw last time near Sellwood and Downtown PDX. I am going this Saturday and plan to troll herring behind a fish flash. Always produces the best for me. I troll spinners behind a flash once in a while too, but majority of the time its herring. I will be at the mouth of the channel right against the Columbia. If anyone else is going this weekend, good luck. I think its gonna get fishy!




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I'll be out there Saturday with a buddy somewhere on the Willy trying. Fingers crossed!

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Three days of higher counts in a row. Anyone doing any catching in the upper Willamette yet?