Where would I find bass and perch??

Will the water heating up and the level dropping down at Hagg where would I find or have the best luck catching Bass, Perch, Blugil? Is there any type of map out there that would have the lake bed structures or even the depths this time of year? I want to get some fish on the line for the kids to have a good time. Maybe Hagg isn't the best place to go this time of year. Any thoughts or insight on places for the kids to really get into some fish would be much appriciated..

Thanks all in advance for reading and sharing the Knowledge.
I would think that this IS the time, that you want to fish for warm water species at Hagg (or anywhere else for that matter). I have a map at home, that may help you out. I'll post it for you later.
Bluegill (and the occasional perch ) seem to go crazy for a bobber and worm around the Sain Creek picnic area. Last year in August I killed it with bluegill. Never caught a bass so I would love to know as well. Thanks!
The blue hills have moved off there beds. i went out last week and caught nearly 30 fish in the fly and a few others with bobber and jig. the perch are just about anywhere there are weeds. the bass are mostly near structure and weed beds. if theres really good access all over hagg. if you want your kids to have fun and catch fish any fish for that fact have them fish for bluegill and perch near the weeds not on them with a bobber and worm set up.
Awesome guys. Thank you for the help and insight. This forum never fails to deliver on great advice.

Special thanks to troutdale for the map and info.

I will post a report once me and the little ones make it out. probably either next week.
You're welcome. I hope that you and your wee ones have a successful outing. We welcome young fishing addicts here! ;-)
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