Where I planted the seed of addiction

I brought my son to Utah to watch BYU play Virginia this weekend. We had a plan to visit as many skateparks as we could which would have been the plan for today. But our first stop yesterday after leaving the airport was a skatepark and within 5 minutes he rolled his ankle and its a bit tender for a full day of skating. So.....plan B.

We went for a ride up Provo Canyon to the river where it all began for me about 25 years ago. It's a beautiful blue ribbon trout stream with a ton of trout per mile. I used to know how many but it doesn't matter. I truly sucked at fishing back then (significantly more so than I do now) but I loved every minute of it. My buddies called me crazy fishing by myself in the summer and thought I should be insitutionalized in the winter.

It was the start of an addiction that will no doubt be with me until I die and I have no regrets.
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So, ....

Is he hooked?
He doesn't like fishing and this is his trip so no fishing was done. Here's a couple photos from when he would fish with me though.

Flying back from Florida at the moment, got to see the waters I grew up fishing as well. Definitely a motivater!
Shaun Solomon
I was born in that area, but we moved to Texas before the trout thing got ahold of me, which explains my bass fixation.

I started fly fishing some years after we moved to Colorado. A lot of the fishing in Colorado is tailwaters, and my fly fishing evolved to fit into that box, high stick nymphing etc. I always wanted to fish the Provo for that reason, a tailwater with high biomass in the area where I was born sounds like a good time to me.

I also spent a good portion of my formative years on a skateboard, beginning about ‘88 or so, prior to double kick decks, when “street” skating meant power slides and wallrides. This was right around the time Natas and Gonz took over the world, and before Rodney Mullen destroyed everything that came before and sent everyone on a completely new trajectory.

This post really gives me the feels.

Cheers man.

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