Hey look i.....

Remember how to catch a fish! Well yesterday ensured a busy schedule but the misses and i decided for an early start. We found weren't the only ones wanted to fish in the rain.
we head to a normal area for us and low and behold I see chez rig I had a handful of flies I wanted to give him. Ran down found him chatted for a minute gave him the flies and went down river a ways.

We get to a spot we done normally have a chance to fish so we rig up and make a few cast to be rudely interrupted by four pontoons.

Thinking it wasn't Kool of them and we headed up river as one hooks up and quickly lands a small steelie, also released it just as fast nice to see proper handling of a fish. Well we get above them a few hundreds yards and start fishing. Suddenly another pontoon deciders he likes the hole we are fishing and parks directly across from us. I look ay Josie and say seriously?! Ok whatever I do not own the river but come on dude saw where we were casting and then just decides he can fish where ever whenever totally screwing up the timing of casts. A few mins roll by and he hooks up and moves down to fight the fish, oh darn... Josie headed to grab something from the truck as she left busybody decided to come back up and I kindly let him know he was in the water I was trying to fish. He decided to be an A hole and not care, so I proceeded to let him know with a number blue Fox he was to close and i didn't care either.

Anyways chez came down to tell us about his catch and he was heading out when the misses does her thing and fish on! After the tag and back chez heads out.

After months of not catching a fish I scored today was the day! I was drifting eggs when I feel thump thump thump swing hard and a miss. I look at Josie and say ok I need some advice... how many thumps before you set the hook she said 2. Ok swing ok thump one....thump two wham hook set and fish on!!!! This fish goes flying up river and zzzzZZZZZZzzzzz im think this is a big fish he turn and starts comin back down im reeling as fast as I can to take up slack line as i see the fish blow by me. Damn comin down!!!!!! I yell to a fellow angler and he said its hooked in the back I seen the fish plane sideways and sure enough foul hooked..... I fight him tighten the drag and still not gaining and think if I play him to long I will have to release a dead fish and thought no way so I made the call grabbed my spool and dink broke off. Hopeful another angler will catch him and have a Hell of a fight!

So i work back up and its time to go I ask Josie please can I run my new jig for a handfull casts. She says ok and back in the water my line goes d conditions cast bobber down! I see the fish flash bam fish on! Good fight and a great day!
So my efforts paid off thanks chez..... so we went 2-4 and a trout.
Sorry for the crap picture we went to the pumpkin patch after and dinner so we got home late.
Hooked Up
Good job getting a fish, was getting used to posts about your wife catching all the fish:) To bad you had to deal with the A-Hole.
Good work!

Nice to read you guys got into them.

Just let them go karma karma karma she bites back!
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