want to try a new spot

Lookin to try a new spot today. My fishing partner ( my wife) and I are looking to try a new spot today. We regularly fish at riverside because my partner is still learnin to drift fish and is getting better! Usually we are the only people at riverside park, but we rarely hook into anything..... maybe the reason no body else fishes there. In prior year coho runs I would see fish rollin all the time there. Been fishing there at least 2x a week since early sept and havent seen anything!!!! weve also fished at barton park with no luck,.... any suggestions. Was thinking someplace on the sandy, or maybe eagle creek at eagle fern park.
i have seen more fish in high rocks park than riverside!!! you should try it!!
So we decided to try the Sandy today, dodge park to be exact. There were a few people there so we walked to find a spot lots of overhanging trees for the wife to snag. We decided to walk back closer to the bridge and there was enough space on the bank so we didn't crowd other fishers. I was tossin spinners, wife drifting corkie and eggs. Then i heard her giggling and the reel screeching. Sweet!!!! As she was reeling it in I thought she had snagged it.... got it to the bank and yea in the mouth!!! Fin clip... Check.... White gums.... check... not all dark and nasty check!!!! now shes hooked!!!! image.jpeg
rippin fish lips
Sounds like a fun day! I went on the willamette for steelhead but didngt get anything but an invite t go fishing with this guy that was in a drift boat. i didn't catch on to it right away but it turns out hes a guide! never happened to me before.
great!!! i wish my wife would fish with me!!!
Nice fish....
That's a great way to hook 'em,your wife and the fish. lol Congrats to her! You know,she is more than welcome to add to our female member list. We need all we can get to help keep you menfolk happy.
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