My new favorite fishing spot!! (hope you guys enjoy it too)

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Recently found a new fishing spot that I thought I would share with you guys. I have been there lots of times now and have caught or have seen pictures of theses species, Largemouth bass, Bullhead, Cutthroat trout,bluegill, perch, crappie, Pumpkin seed, and channel catfish. With a pond offering this many species and reliable fishing in the winter it is too good of a spot not to share. There is no official name for this pond and before people even start, the cops showed up one time on a routine drive though as inws pulling up, i asked if I was allowed to fish it and if if was open, the answer was yes to both things. Anyway let me just tell you where it is located behind the north plains elementary school, attached is a photo of where it is and where to park(along with some fish a caught there today before my phone died). To fish here for some of the smaller species (Bullhead,bluegill, perch, crappie, Pumpkin seed) i would recommend a worm, under a bobber or off the bottom ( though off the bottom has been working better lately). For bass my two go to's there are spinner baits usually white and bluegill colors work, though black has been killing ti for me lately(not to be confused with inline spinners) and shallow diving crank baits in a shad or bluegill color, and chatterbait in black and blue (for the spinner baits and chatter baits i would not recommend putting anything on it just leave the hook bare seems to work better). for the trout i use any inline spinner in a chartreuse or gold color. and for the channels just a worm off the bottom. I hope this is helpful and that some of you guys will be able to make it to this amazing spot


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Good lookin' out! Places with multiple species are quite cool. It took me a few minutes--to follow the downstream flow--but the outlet eventually flows into the Tualatin River. So it then makes sense about the variety of species; and that worms would catch just about any of them. Looks like you had a good day!
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