Update BC 1&2

Fishing started off great with the first stocking. The larger stocked fish were biting hard. Now, the biggins aren't biting but the lil guys are. They are biting very finnicky and usually only once, so you gotta nail em quick. On a good note, I have been getting them with small spinners which is always more fun then drowning worms or powerbait. All in all, you will go home with fish assuming you know the deal.

Thousands of fish are now in both lakes.
what about the bass fishing...what works??
I haven't fished for bass at these lakes. I'm sure there are some in there and they are probably whoppers since trout are plentiful.


What are the best ways to catch the trout?? ideas?? might be there this wknd...weather is lookin decent.
Several methods. The most popular/common is to use a small treble hook with a lil ball of powerbait on a 2foot ish leader. You can use nightcrawlers, salmon eggs, spinners, spoons, curly tails, just about anything :)
hows the fishing these days?? Any tips??
Been pretty good the last week. Looked like most people were catching fish on both res. 1 & 2. Didn't really matter where you were. Pretty crowded lately though , plus the stocking report said there were going to put in a few thousand more fish this week. I was there on Tuesday and it had not been stocked yet, but I still caught some really nice rainbows, and saw a huge bald eagle fishing as well. They are also going to stock both res. again the first week in June. Fishing should be very productive now. Again fishing off the bottom with powerbait is the most common, but standard trout methods will work.

BB with the Big Creek update..
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thank you for this thread,
i've been keeping my eye on these reservoirs
because they seem near to an area that i like to frequent
through my research online ODFW stocking schedules,
i knew there were some fish in there, but i've been wondering
how they've been hitting
i'll havta go out and check it out next week
when i go to hit up Devils Lake as well

any advice on which reservoir is nicer to fish, i.e. good bank access
or any tips on how to get to good spots on the res.?
The lower res is right next to the road with a guard rail and low hanging power lines. If you like fishing right next to your vehicle, and don't mind the dust and traffic the lower res is for you. :rolleyes:

I personally have only fished the upper res. Its more pleasant to be at and there are plenty of bank fishing spots. Any where there is a pull off there is a path to a bank spot. At the beginning of the upper res. there is a large gravel area people use for a boat launch, also the dam to the right has access through an opening in the fence. You can park and fish here (I have been at this spot when there has been 15 to 20 people fishing). If it is crowded there are plenty other spots up the road.

I can't say there is one better than another, I have my spot ;) but generally everybody I see are catching.

As for the bite, when its on you can get bit on every cast, no time to set your pole down. Most fish I see are between 8-12" and usually pretty fat. There are some big ones, I have seen them jump and roll but haven't hooked one yet. The biggest I have pulled out would be about 14 1\2" or so. My father-in-law netted a huge 18"er must have been about 4 lbs. All from the bank.

Its a great place to trout fish, it feels like your out in nature, not in Town. For me, front door to fishing spot is about 6 minutes. :dance:

Good luck..

The Nothing
Well the kayak fishing tournament Oregon Rockfish Classic was just turned into the Oregon Trout Classic because of big water being forecasted for the weekend.

Do you have any tips for people that might be trolling in kayaks?
Troll using a RoosterTail or similar lure in a dark color. It sould be no more than a couple of feet below the surface. Or my favorite a black wooly bugger fly. Try to get it down to the same level as the fish and go as slow as possible. You can put on a casting bubble and a single split shot a foot or so above the bugger and drift about the same speed as a lite wind might move your Kayak.
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Thanks GD! I got this message as I was heading to on my way to the Oregon Rockfish Classic.
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