Trolling motor on float tube?

Anybody know of DIY (or off-shelf) ways to attach a small trolling motor to the nose of a float tube? I've got a Cumberland tube. I think I've seen a pic somewhere of this being done... Seems doable with a small motorcycle battery. Just enough juice to get me back across the lake against the wind?

Pics, links, ideas are appreciated.

You-tube has several videos for "motorized float tubes". They are even sold with motors now.
if you use a motor, do you need to register it and display numbers? we do for kayaks and canoes...
I have seen it done with a weed whacker. I had a motor for an industrial immersion blender wish you would have posted this a month ago cause I tossed it. I will see if I can find another one I think there is another around that has a stripped out sprocket. These things have a 2 1/2' shaft which are designed to be immersed in water. You would just need to find new sprockets, attach a propeller and hook it up with a battery. If I find another one I will let you have it you will just have to come to sisters. However I think a gas powered weed whacker would be far lighter. Keeping water away from the motor would be my biggest concern. I have also seen some old 80's motors made for float tubes I saw Denny Rickards with this set up at wickiup a few years ago. Good luck I would like to see if you can pull something off.
You will have to register your tube and display #s. I can't even get myself to do it to my canoe and I have an electric trolling motor for it that I just leave at my buddies house so he can use it for his boat. But its hard to beat lake fly fishing in a tube with an intermediate line. The tug is the drug and trout in tubes are cocaine.
A 50-horse seems about right.
OSMB Oregon State Marine Board suggested the best way to add the "OR" numbers to an inflatable is to make 2 plastic number boards that can be hung on the tube, toon or IK as needed when using a motor.
I've ordered the plastic boards cut to size and delivered from Tap plastics in Portland. I opted for the Polycarbonate white 1/8" boards, look for the website. After you get your OR number from the state, you can lay it out and measure the length you'll need. I went with 5" tall; could have used 4 1/2" measure for yourself to see how you want to order.

For kayak and canoe you may want to contact OSMB to see if they will allow number boards to hang on the bow as opposed to sticking them on a perfectly pristine boat. When they write back print the okay from OSMB and keep it with your boat papers in case an unknowing LEO wants to cite you.

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