Trolling motor for inflatable pontoon

Hello all...
I am in the market for a trolling motor. this will be used mostly in fresh water and will be mounted to my 10.5' Skykomish Sunrise pontoon.

for all you fellow tooners out there...
what motor do you use, would you purchase a different model today
do you think the freshwater engine can handle brackish water like the Nestucca bay?

I am leaning towards a 40# thrust minn kota or motor guide.
do you guys find the digital maximizer works well?
worth the upgrade from the base model?
thanks in advanced for any advice
Pop into Bi Mart and get the 30# for $100. I believe that they have the #40 for $149
I got the Minn Kota #30, you get the power meter FREE when you register the motor.
So far its done nice with my 9ft Rogue toon. Shouldn't me much difference on a 10.5 toon.

You also need to think about the battery that you are going to be using.
Large marine / rv deep cycles are HEAVY and cumbersome. Medium RV batteries are still weighty, but work well. All Deep Cycle seem to be expensive. The best out there looks like the Optima Gell Deep Cycle.
I have been testing my #30 with a lawn tractor battery. I have so far got 3 hours trolling at setting 1 and the battery was still half charged. I am going to run with a lawn tractor battery on each side (to balance the toon) so i KNOW that i have a reserve. Also note.. most of the lawn tractor batteries are made for STARTING not DEEP CYCLE so DON'T drain them past 1/3 charge.
I have also tried an "emergency pack" which is made from 3 x square torch batteries (12v) in parallel . I got 25 mins of power on setting 1, 15 on medium and 4mins on highest speed, note: one battery on its own doesn't have the ampage to turn the electric motor. BUT>>> its a nice small emergency pack.

On that note.. multiple batteries should ALWAYS be wired in parallel, both neg terms attached to one wire, both positive to the other. Do it the other way and you will fry motor.

hmm... i went rambling on.. but, hope this helps

I have no idea about using them in 'brackish' water, but, these are made for bass boats, etc, and they go though all sorts of cr@p.
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Very good info!
Got One!
I put a 40 minn kota on my 9 ft bucks bags. It moved it along well BUT with the battery weight, I wouldnt want to get into much chop with it. I took it off and stuck it on my boat! I'll stick to oars. Another note is you'll have to get it licensed if you put a motor on it.
Got One!, what battery were you using?
go with a maximizer.longer time on the water,variable speed.set speed like enduras can be to fast on setting 1 for trolling small craft. my med sized optima agm goes all day with the recommended 50 percent only 55 weighs a lot more than my 30 did.
Four stroke

Four stroke

Has any one tried a small outboard motor, like a 3.5hp. I mean if you have to register the toon why not go with a small four stroke. They come with a built in gas tank and no BATTERIES. Just a thought....

Got One!
Full sized deep cycle, it weighes about 45-50 lbs. I think a little nissan gas would be easier.
Got One! said:
Full sized deep cycle, it weighes about 45-50 lbs. I think a little nissan gas would be easier.

My thought exactly, add in the weight of the electric motor and it is probably a wash...and one doesn't have to worry about the battery losing power half way across the lake.

Wow... went up to Batteries Plus and said
"OK, weird question, but, do you have any Deep Cycle long life batteries in lawn tractor size"
the answer ...
"Are you looking for a trolling motor battery?"
I was suprised... anyhow, i didn't walk out with one, but i will be back for it.
hrmmm 19#s isn't too heavy.

not very concerned about the weight.
my toon can handle it.

A small kicker isn't out of the question, but I dont really know anything about them.
how much is a small (quiet) gas engine?
how much gas does the built in tank hold? not really interested in having a gas tank on my cargo desk.
ended up with a transom mount Maxxum 55# variable speed motor (got a good deal on craigslist)
now I just need to get my numbers and get her out on the water.

thinking about mounting the engine to my standing platform, but we will see about that.

I will post some pics once I get her all rigged up.

anyone ever troll for Springer/Summers (from a pontoon boat) on the willy?
water near sellwood wouldnt be too bad (prob get lots of odd looks from the real boats)
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I just returned taking my new 9' pontoon boat on it's maiden voyage - and very happy with the performance .
I have a Mincota 34lb thrust trolling motor - and a full size deep cycle 550ah battery . I ran the boat 8 hours trolling , and a couple full throttle runs . When I got back home I checked with the battery meter ...still half a charge on the battery .
Glad I didn't purchase the small golf cart battery !
Gas Power on a Toon?

Gas Power on a Toon?

Troutski said:
Has any one tried a small outboard motor, like a 3.5hp. I mean if you have to register the toon why not go with a small four stroke. They come with a built in gas tank and no BATTERIES. Just a thought....


The main reason for not using gas is the noise and the restriction on using gas power on many bodies of water that otherwise you could fish with an electric troller.

I prefer oars with the Little Blue Drifter..... The disadvantage of oars is setting the hook when both hands are on the oars.:(

I've been pleased with my Minn Kota 30# on my 9' FishCat. I use two small 12 volt golf cart batteries on either side of the deck for hernia-free loading, balance and so the motor handle can duck between them when in the up out of water position. BTW: these batteries were @ purchased used for $25. Got those quick heavy duty snap together electrical connectors. Each battery lasts aboiut 4 hours on the 1 & 2 setting. I've really been getting into trolling with two rods. I budget my power by still fishing, rowing and banking. On long days I arrange to run out of power within easy rowing distance from the ramp. Last Saturday I was in the water from 8am - 7pm.. What a great day!

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