Todays Coos Bay inside near Charleston report.

Well, today may partner and I went to Charleston near the mouth of Coos bay. Got on the water about9:30 am and had our crab traps in the water by 10.
Them we started tossing jigs around what's called the cribs and before the tide changed at 1//4 of 11am we caught 6 Black Rockfish between 1-1/2 lbs and 2-1/2 lbs. and we caught a huge lingcod (35 inch's) for inside the bay.
We also brought home 19 legal Dungeness crab that I just finished cooking and now I'm resting a bit before going to eat some of those sea spiders.

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NICE! Any soft crabs?
Yeah there were. as I didn't handle any crabs until I cooked them I didn't know until I started cracking them.
My fishing buddy does all the work when we crab. I just drive the boat. He pulls the traps, sorts them, and measures them.
Usually I help clean them as well but today I was busy filleting fish so never handled any crab until I was home.
outstanding ling for the bay. Full marks.
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Went today. 11 crab. Mostly soft.
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