The Top Shop

Hi All,

Just wanted to say a few words about the good folks at the Top Shop(Eugene).
Took my boat in on Monday to have my top repaired and new side curtains made.
The boat was ready Tuesday and the work is great!
I am very happy with the new curtains, they used a slightly smoke plastic for no addition charge.
Most of the seams on top had to be resewed and some of the hardware had to be replaced.
For $182 I feel that is was a great deal-the boat never look better.
I would highly recommend the Top Shop for all your boating needs.
Sweet deal. That will help keep the cold wind off you a bit.
I will find out this weekend-got my new license and the two rods permit.
where and what for are you chasing with the 2 rods?
I am waiting to hear back from my fishing buddy but I am thinking of LookOut Point-I am planning on landlock Chinooks and rainbows.
I will set each rod up with different trolling rigs and depth to find out what they are hitting that day.
I'm going to have to get a couple more rod holders :p

just picked up my sports pack about 20 minutes ago but didn't get the 2 rod tag yet. I'll wait until this spring when i'll actually use it.
Looks Great!! Buddy!
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