The cork method

so i was readin my drift fishing for steelhead book and i found an intresting method remember this book is old so this may seem ghetto to some people but i thought it was very crafty and could save ya money too. items that you need: hollow pencil lead, wine bottle corks rubber band or or some sort of stop, flourescent paint,barrel swivel,hook&bait.

okay so what you do is use the strongest waterproof glue yo can find and glue two corks together use a small drill bit or some sharp object to make a hole through the glued corks making a hole big enough for you line to slide through slide a bobber stop or whatever you prefer (author of book suggests rubber band) slide the glued corks on your line,, use flourescent paint on the tip half of the top cork . tie a barrel swivel on.. and tie a short peice of mono or braid on the other end of the swivel long enogh to slide some pencil lead on. crimp the desired amount of pencil lead on the extra line. tie aleader onthe same side your lead is on and tie on your hook with a bait loop ue plain bait or a corkie or any kind of drift bobber.. this allows the bait to be bounced off the bottom so it's just like drift fishing but with a bobber because you use an extra long leader.. sounds like a great way to drift fish.will definitely have to try this out
NOTE: i added a few steps to it.. the book dsen't tell you in depth how to do it it just shows most of it with an illustration so i tried to explain it my best

Sounds a lot like Boondogging (Sp??), of course it could be something totally different too ; ) If it is the same, I have seen quite a few very well known guides use this technique salmon fishing. I do believe they are using a standard float though.. Thanks for sharing! Cheers,Bob
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it could quite possibly be the same thing, never heard of boondogging though :think:
Hmm could be effective. I know when the water's low and clear on the McKenzie during the summer, i've converted wine bottle corks into little floats for tiny steelhead jigs and it's had deadly results.
that's a great idea jeanna,, one cork sounds better too, it won't spook fish as much as 2 during low water ;)
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