Clackamas biters!! Coho 10-11-14 bobber egg show

** I got out with a couple buddies on the clack.*
**I met them at Bonnie lure and hoped on the clackamax drift boat and did the rest of the float to Barton with them.*
** *We almost immediately hooked up passing all the bankies at the spill way and it came off right away. Bobber down. Flash flash. Bobber up lol.*
** *Tried pulling plugs for a bit and tossing spinners. Nothing happening. So we moved on down to our recent honey hole...
** * After a few passes we hooked up with a nice hen. Then next pass another!!! Two more drifts and a huge native hen (13-15 lbs) released safely and back to it. I let my bobber run way down an it dipped. Hen number 3 in the box.*
** Shortly after this it did a monsoon rain for half hour. We fished through it with no dice. After this hard rain some of our baits were wet on the board. So we cleaned up the boat and our baits. After cutting the snot off our eggs and washing rags off, I saw a few fish move in close in behind the boat... I had been wanting to try a bead for these coho... I've never really bead fished before. I've seen a few ppl run it and how they set it up... Float with 5 foot of 12 lbs line to a tiney swivel and joining a flour carbon 10 lbs 20" leader with a split shot. I used 2 small beads. A red an orange. I cast on the line these fish were on.... 3 feet off the boats right side... As my bobber approached these holding fish... I watched a streak come down river and literally, and excitedly say " here it comes" and bobber dumps. I yank and thrash thrash thrash. Jump. Jump. Jump. Line peels off my reel. Summer steelhead!!! Oh boy. Much different fight then these coho!!! I got to run it for 3-4 min. Had it next to the boat and tried just a bit to hard to pull head up for the net shot and see ya!! Lost my first bead fish. But boy I'm now a believer!!!! It has always been a suspicion of mine that it might be a way of lining fish. Not in this case :) I have never seen a steelhead charge a presentation so hard other then a nightcrawler.*

**We ended up catching 4 nice bright hens and letting a few natives go.*
**The cures where nates red cure. And an orange power pro cure. Some slam ola sprinkled on and some just straight up.*
** *And I got a nice 13-15" trout. We have been having a blast. but with this rain the fish were gonna move I just knew it.....
** *To be continued.*
That's an awesome day!
It was a good day. I was lucky to get my 1/3 that day. Lol. Wind made it hard to mend and a few sloppy hook sets. I'll post pic tomorrow. I only got one of my hen. It was the darkest one we kept. Released a few darker or redder :) fish. I've been fortunate lately and the boat helps get to untouched or less touched water. I'll post a follow up of septembers carnage tomorrow also. Lots of dead fish pics and a surprise 20-25 pound green monster on a coho trip. I had one day toward the ms of September where I hooked and landed 8-8. Been having a blast.
dozer that sounds like a great day! One question though, what is a "bead" setup?
It represents a single egg. They one in various sizes like ,corkies... Google or tube can demonstrate better then me lol.
Great day guys!!
I've read, somewhere, that those fish don't bite, and you have to snag them.

Sounds like you rocked the party.
We have been taking trips 3-4 times a week an hooking 5-30 fish floating eggs with flour carbon leader an size 2 hooks. Just gotta find fresh fish in the system who hawnt been flossed on for days.
Nice job dozer!
Gotta love the smile of victory! :D Great job, great pics!
Excellent!!!!! They do like the bead 9521d25d0237e5115731bf905661e86e.jpg
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