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Okay with spring steelhead starting their runs and trout season two and a half months away seems like a good time to ask. What is your knot of choice for your leader to fly and why? Does it change based off what you're fishing (nymphs vs dries... etc)? Personally I've always used the improved cinch knot (or fishermen's knot as I heard it called for most of my childhood) but that's primarily because its has yet to fail me.
Strickly a improved cinch knot kind of guy. I even use it on my tie with my dress shirt for work:lol: just kidding I'm retired and a tie doesn't go well with carhart bibs;) but yes for me it the improved cinch knot.
Yep, me too. I've never learned to tie anything but an improved clinch knot. I can't even tie an egg loop, unless I study the book every time I want to tie it. I don't like drift fishing (get hung up all the time), so no need to know how to tie that stupid egg loop anyway. ;-) I'm a spinner, wobbler, fly, jig, bait, kinda guy. So, the clinch knot does just fine.

Never really could understand why peeps would write a whole book about knots, when just one does the trick!
improvesd clinch knot here!!!!!!!!
Yep, i use a clinch too.

& fer the heck ofit i tie a noose fer the anchor.

I also use the improved cinch knot on everything but bait hooks when I use an egg loop. Yesterday was only my second day fishing with flys on my spinning rod and I am using 3lb chameleon leader. I noticed that my trusty cinch knot was slipping a bit. I assumed that it was due to the smaller diameter. Any body have this experience when using small leader?
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I've used the clinch knot and improved clinch knot for many years. In the past few years I've begun using the perfection loop for nymphs and steelhead flies and seem to be getting more action.
Favorite knots

Favorite knots

I use the Trilene Knot instead of the improved clinch knot now mostly because I only have to thread the tag end through one loop not two. (Dang eyes) I use the trilene knot (Trilene Knot) for most terminal gear and hooks unless I'm fishing nymphs or buggers then I use the nonslip loop knot. (Non Slip Loop Knot). which gives more action to the fly.
The only exception to the trilene knot is when I'm using braided line then I double the line before tying the trilene knot.

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Out of curiosity, GDBrown, do you use the Trilene Knot for smaller flies in the 18 and less range. It would seem if one is having a problem getting a leader tippet through a loop, getting the tippet through the eye of a small fly twice would be even more difficult. I could see maybe using the Trilene Knot on larger hooks.

Wow. Great site link...thank you.

I'm a Royal Ranger leader (like Boy/Cub scouts). That information looks very helpful in teaching knots to kids (and reminding myself how to tie them too--"use it or lose it").
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