Star tron fuel teeatment

Bought some fuel.additive that the local marine shop said would make ethanol fuel safe. Anyone. Use it or anything like it.
i use stabil. they sell it at wally world and its probably much cheaper. i have used it for a few years now with no problems.
Ditto on the Stabil. I've used it since I went to my four strokes in 2003. just pour it into the tank and let it go to work. I get it a NAPA.
Cool this stuff was $13 and treats 120 gallons. So not to bad.
ive used the star tron in both of my boats, it lasts a lot longer.. one ounce will treat 16 gallons, vs stabil which if i remember right 4 ounces treats 16 gallons?
but you deffantly pay for it, which the stuff is slightly more expensive.. i bought a quart of the star tron last summer an still have a pint of it left an i use my boats a lot
I've used both produces and found them both to help with the alcohol fuels. If you use the Stabil make sure you get the marine version of the product as it will disperce the water/alcohol better.
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