Shuttle needed

anybody know someone that provides a shuttle service on the Sandy(Oxbow to Dabney) ? or a fishing partner with a car we can use.

looking to go Sunday AM ...after 9
Well... we are drifting danbey to lc in a few minutes we have't drifted before and chickened out starting at oxbow.. but might be up fishig in oxbow after,... timing is off and late.. if we had a drift partner then we might have gone oxbow..
justNorthofya said:
anybody know someone that provides a shuttle service on the Sandy(Oxbow to Dabney) ? or a fishing partner with a car we can use.

looking to go Sunday AM ...after 9
I use Sandy River Shuttle 503-312-9204. The guys name is Grant, he charges $20 from Oxbow to Dabney plus the parking fee at Dabney. He like to be called a day ahead of time and prior to 9pm. It sure beats doing that flipping vehicles around thing. I only do that if there are three people anymore.
thanks...I'll have to make it next weekend
This might be a silly question, but how exactly does the shuttle service work on the Sandy?

Do you just give them a spare set of keys and they move your car downriver to the takeout for you at their own leisure?
Never used one but I believe they pick you up at the takeout and take you up to your rig.
OK, well the suspense was killing me, so I had to call Grant :) Thanks for the number, Irishrover.

Grant's really nice... he basically said what Irishrover was saying about fees and such. I asked about Dodge to Oxbow for floating down in an IK (I asked about taking out at Gordon Creek to avoid the parking fees but he pretty much just does the main parks).

He'll get the description of your vehicle and where it will be at your put-in. You stash the keys somewhere (a little unsettling) and let him know where. He'll pick up the rig and drive it down to your takeout and stash the keys somewhere again. You pay the parking.

I gathered that adjacent parks are about $20. If you go a little further, it's $30. I think he said Dodge to Dabney was $30. Not sure how much if you wanted to float all the way down to Lewis and Clark.. maybe something around there though, but I guess it would depend on where you put in too.
Irishrover got it right now. Keys and cash stashed with vehicle. You let him know what time you are going to put in. He pickes up your rig and when you pull out your vehicle is waiting for you. That way he can get in several shuttles a day. It sure beat the heck out of shuffeling back and forth to Oxbow. The Dabney to L&C is no big deal. On the key stashing thing. Some guides make up and extr key and just leave it with the one who does their shuttling for the season.
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Hey everyone,
I used Grant back in February... it worked out great from Dodge to Oxbow. I called him for another shuttle this Sunday the 25th because my buddy and I want to take my kayak down the same stretch. We probably can't get to Dodge until 11am, but unfortunately Grant can only do it as late as 10am. Unless we can get there any earlier, do you know of any other Shuttle services for the Sandy? I came across this post someone linked to on
Sandy River - Here is Dorothy's number. Mrs. Naas does a good job, and last time we called her we got a half price deal. Din't tell us why, but we got a good deal none the less. 503-666-2270

Anyone used her shuttle before, or know of any other shuttles for the Sandy?
A Shuttle Service on a river sounds like it could be a pretty good business for some folks, to make some $$$. Does a person need a business license (or other) to do a Shuttle Service??

I guess they would probably need Insurance??

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