Sandy springers


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I’ve heard and read mixed information on this topic.....

can anyone clarify please...

Are there still hatchery Springers returning to the Sandy river?


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Yes there are. 2020 management plan calls for 200,000 smolts, hatchery springers have been in the system for prior to marmot dam being removed.

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I have been long rod ctr pinning with streamers at the mouth of Siletz Bay. The float has been 50 to 100yds long from MO's. In four high tides, only one pull-down and got broke off at the 50-yard mark. The hook set was for only 15 seconds. It was of good size for a fresh springer. The fish are waiting for a good rain. I'll be on it every daylight H-tide. Waiting for Nehalem and Yureka to send word. Tony


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Ugh, the Sandy keeps getting worse. I don't expect to catch every trip, but after 8 trips and nothing. I'm not even seeing fishermen with fish. I sure I could get one at Cedar but I don't want go do the combat floss and snag thing.

It might take a couple of years but it looks like their going to release more fish this year.
"The number of Sandy River hatchery spring chinook smolts released in 2020 was increased to 200,000 fish (from 132,000). Increased opportunities for angler harvest is desired to assure the pHOS standard continues to be met."

To answer your question Cedar is still releasing according to their website - HPMP 2020.pdf