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I made my first trip out to the Sandy this weekend. Thanks to alm21 showing us around we got into some fish. Three fish lost between us (one of which was an absolute pig), and one chrome hatchery fish to the shore. Corkie and yarn accounted for most of the fish. Except for one that hits some eggs. Gorgeous river thanks again alm21 it was nice to meet and fish with you.


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Wes, it was a pleasure to hit the water with you and Chris. I didn't want our guests from Central Oregon making a long trip and not have a shot at finding fish. Happy that you guys had some action considering it was a bit slow while you were here. Looking forward to "hook'n up" with you guys when I visit your home waters!

Good stuff, guys. The Sandy may be slow, but there's just nothing like being waste deep out on that spectacular river for a few hours. And man are there some big fish in there to be found. Good on ya.


nice fish thats two i know of that came out of there today ventured to the sandy for a change of scenery the river was beautiful.


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Thanks for the info. Buddy of mine landed a clipped two weeks ago and I was wondering if anything new was going on. I’m gonna hit it Wednesday and I’ll post my results.
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