Sandy in January

I was Just wondering how the fishing was this type of year I am debating on hitting the Sandy or the Clack and want to be where the fish are. I havn't been up this north in years and was looking for a little advice on the rivers.:D

Chrome it up!!!
There are fish in both... if the sandy clears up it should be good.. but the clack is most likely your best 'sure' bet...
Right on might just hit both i was talking to a guy at bi mart today said the ice is building on the sandy up by oxbow already. Thanks eggs!:D
I had some luck on the Sandy last week :D
yea the river looks like it is back to around 11 feet.. not too bad if it is clear just hope for no rain tomorrow
It is open. Not sure what year that article is from. It is now a pay park and I haven't seen many cars there this winter. Of course the Willy is a roiling chocolate milk torrent right now, so........
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Thanks, that article was soon after Covid-19 started - April 2020.
It is good and bad that it became a paid park, but weighing in that above article, I can see why.
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