Rowing for steelhead

Im taking my pontoon to estacada lake saturday and will be rowing for chrome. I would appreciate any suggestions on gear I should try. I will have my 8 1/2 foot spin and cast rods along. I have a large assortment of plugs and some large spinners that I inherited today from a coworker husbands estate. I hope to make Jimmy proud with his gear. Do I run large flashers, fenders . Do I troll eggs / sandshrimp. Do I need a diver ?
Thanx in advance & Tight lines - Nimz :cool:
Probably a main-lined plug would work....that's what people do when they target stocked, surplus steelhead in places such as Cape Meares Lake and others.

Your problem will be getting your plug in front of a steelie in there. It's deep and slow at the lower end and those fish will be shooting through that kind of water.

You chances will go way up if you can get to the current at the upper end, but that's a long row. I used to put a skiff in at the dam and power up to the faster water and do quite well on plugs.
lake is open? where does one put in at? thought the old ramp was closed forever...
mudslinging79 said:
lake is open? where does one put in at? thought the old ramp was closed forever...
Here's how I understand it from a guy who is with Oregon Heritage Foundation (I think that's correct):
1. The old ramp on the Estacada side is permanently closed.
2. There is a new ramp on the McIver Park side. You access this new ramp as if you were on your way to the upper McIver boat ramp.
Before you reach the upper McIver ramp there will be a right turn that takes you to the new Estacada Lake access.
Try using Google Maps for an overhead view.
Does one have to pay OSP fee ($5) for that access? Estacada Lake is not part of McIver, but one has to enter McIver to get to that ramp. What do you think?
If you have to enter the park and if you leave your vehicle in the park I'm pretty sure you have to pay the fee.
Also, how do steelhead get into the lake? Is there a fish ladder at the dam? Do they do any counting?
I (and not a few others) have been fishing those classic tail-outs up to the dam without much luck, as far as I can tell. After four half-day visits I 've seen one hatchery taken among approx 30 poles.
Of course: That doesn't mean some ace anglers haven't taken a couple of dozen before or after my time there. Not a scientific survey here...
Can there be much action in the lake? Hope so: would love to launch my pontoon and explore.
Is the parking by the lake considered to be within McIver?
I'm pretty sure that most Steelhead in Estacada Lake are going to be native and should be left alone as there aren't a whole lot of native fish in the Clack anymore.
Good point. Maybe wait for bass season... Any chance some Dog Creek hatchery steel would get up into the lake? Anyone caught hatchery chrome in the lake?
BTW: sorry this thread has been hi-jacked...maybe we should move to Clackamas fishing...?
I don't know if they let any hatch through. They may have a fish trap at the base of the fish ladder to attempt to keep the natives (not really natives) from spawning with the hatchery fish. Here's the website to the hatchery, I'm sure they would know if you want to call and ask them. ODFW Visitor's Guide - Clackamas Hatchery
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