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Hi as a non-resident of the US I have some trouble understanding when to tip and how much to tip for services in the US. I've found some information that explained a bit about tipping in hotels restaurants etc.

I've made arrangements for a one day fishingtrip for sturgeon on the Snake River.
I was wondering if it is expected to tip the guide after a day trip, and is this normaly a percentage or just an amount per person?
So please tell me what you normally tip for a guided fishing trip.
Charter Boat tips. Bigger Water type Boats.
Some deck hands work hard for their $$$. If a particular deck hand has demonstrated above and beyond service I usually tip him/her 20.00 to 50.00 depending. The other deck hands if any will get 10.00 to 20.00 depending on their service and attitude. If the Captain has made a good impression and has worked his crew to the best of his ability, and tried hard to put me on fish. I will usually give him/her 20.00 to 25.00. But remember that captains get a % of the over all if they do not own the boat. A captain that owns his or her boat gets it all, but has to pay fee`s, licensing, bait, upkeep, rods, reels, fuel, loan on boat, (if he/she doesn't own it out right) wadges of workers and all the taxes and comp that goes with it.. Some thing to remember.

Guided Trips, usually bank fishing or Drifting or Smaller water type boats .
Depending on their service and attitude I will give 20.00 all the way upwards to double the amount of the entire trip.

My take on it is this, IF some one shows you one of the best times of your life fishing, then they should be rewarded above and beyond the amount they charge. Seems to me to be a very small price to pay for the life time memory reward. Now if the person or persons have the attitude of it is just a job, then they get rewarded with that in mind. Usually no tip or future trips will be booked!!!!!

I know this looks like your paying through the nose to every one, but if your not alone ( which is the case for most ) it breaks down to this one pays this, that one pays that, etc.

Restaurant tipping. The US government taxes wait staff 8% on their gross ticket sales. To not tip means that the wait person has to pay out $$$. I will start off with a 15% rule. I will go higher or all the way down to just the 8%. I never ( STIFF ) term used to not tip.
Hotels it is 5.00 a bag to be carried.
Hotel housekeepers are some of the hardest workers there are in the industry, and are some of the most over looked when it comes to tips. I will leave a note ( telling them that this is for them ) and a 5.00 to 10.00 dollar tip for every day they clean. If I am staying at a hotel that has concierge services depending on what I have requested I will tip him/her for their services as well. Usually any where from 5.00 for cab hailing to 50.00 for telling me some inside information about the area I am in. New York City is big on this type of tipping.

Have a great trip!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hey anton,as far as tipping a guide just do what feels right,,,if he does a good job and works hard to put you on fish then tip him well,,,if hes lazy and doesn't care how many fish he gets yo uinto then tip accordingly,,,,,,,i usually tip a hundred bucks or 120 if he does a good job and maybe 40 if he doesn't,,,,the one thing to remember is you can't go by how many fish you catch,,,,some guides work there butt off but the fish arent biting,,,,,,just have a fun trip and see how the day goes,,,if you like his performance then tip him well,,,,,the best tip you can give a guide is to rebook another trip
Chromatose' post jibes with what I normally tip for Charters.

Restaurants, I don't do percentages... If the service is good, I loosely follow this formula... everyday kind of restaurant (Applebees, Red Robin) I start at $5.00 if dining alone plus $2- $3 per person on top of that. Higher end restaurants, I start at $10 if dining alone then $5-$8 per additional person.

I just don't agree with percentages of the tab because it shouldn't matter "what" I ate. The waitperson had absolutely nothing to do with that.

Having waited tables in the past, I always looked at my tips like, how many people am I running my tail off for and how many special requests did they make.

In Oregon wait staff has it pretty good. They make a higher than average minimum wage plus their tips because it is a "non tip credit" state. I've waited tables in states where I made $2.40 per hour plus tips and getting stiffed at those rates, really stinks.

I am so glad I don't do that anymore.
i just throw an extra 20 bucks, but i have freinds that throw 100 dollars extra at the guide, depends on how happy you are with the service
BobbiDollPDX said:
Chromatose' post jibes with what I normally tip for Charters.

I didn't think my post had any thing to do with sailing................;)
Chromatose said:
BobbiDollPDX said:
Chromatose' post jibes with what I normally tip for Charters.

I didn't think my post had any thing to do with sailing................;)

LOL! Someone must have switched the keys on my keyboard... yeah that's what happened... hehe
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