How many of you folks fish out there on the regular? I am interested in the fact that there is a diverse array of species in the lake, and from what I can gather, they all grow to good sizes. I will be shore-bound for a while yet, and am thinking it might be a good bet for some spring fishing from the dam next year.

I do enjoy catching (and sometimes eating) walleye. My main focus is on bass, but I learned to love 'eyes after being forced to fish for them for many years in Colorado.

Anyone have any allegories, allusions, or anecdotes they care to relate?

If you're shore bound, focus on potholes. I've been fishing that all my life. Take a variety of gear and go for a walk. You'll find just about every kind of water to fish in there. I think Mar Don resort still rents boats there too. Lot's of camping there too
Hey, thanks for the tips. I fished Lake Mcconaughy from shore for several years, did really well. I figured Potholes could be a possibility with that clear water and all the rip-rap.

Anytime. It is definitely one of those places you can catch 10 species in a day. That place is the ultimate carp spot too in the spring. Good all year too. I've caught some walleye there from the banks and lot's of nice bass too. Fish shallow in the mornings and evenings and fish deep or near creek/canal areas mid day
How's the night bite? Ever do that? Big Mac was nearly worthless (from shore) in the daylight, but a beast after the sun went down.
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