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Looking to do a early version of last years bass event hopefully timed for the spawn this year. This will hopefully allow for a weekend date also instead of it having to be a weekday . I am personally thinking last two weekends of mar or the first weekend of april. Lets throw some dates around in that range and could move if conditions arent right. I will post the whole few stipulations thing later will make it first come first serve as was last year with the exeption of Ryan and Chris who attended last years they have res slots. Wont worry about how many slots till we get there was not an issue last year. I do believe this year could be outstanding though especially if we can be flexible and set the date for the height of spawn. Let me know whos in and your thoughts on which day etc so we can put this together. Thanks FP


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If I'm not back on days yet then Sunday would be a good day. If I'm back on Days by then then Saturday would be a better day for me. Either way I can get the day off. If I'm on days in mid March then I think I might be in the Bend area for grader school.
Very good will take all this into account along with the reports and whats actually happening day in and day out in the big pond as we come into that time of year. gonna talk with the owners and make sure a weekend day will be good through april , so will look to a sat or sun kinda anywhere from early mar to early april . Just gonna depend on how soon it warms up ? Does anyone have a problem on flexibility other than TT with grader school?
as long as it's a weekend, i'm flex. pardon my ignorance, but how far is the location from pdx?

i definitely want to meet some of the bassers from the forum. and i want to git one on the fly.


I can do a car pool with my truck for them folks in the PDX area. This is a great event, if you think about it how many time would you be able to fish a private pond that actually has bass in there. Thanks for opening this again FP.
Well so far all of you are in . Hit the pond this mornin around 7 shes full with great water clarity once again marked tons of fish threw everything caught nothing . The water is still very cold . Took Jay out with me to get some cold toes he had no jan luck either . will be here fishin it or have TT and others staying with the conditions as mar rolls in as soon as the action takes off we should plan the the date. will have a better idea if we will have a warm or cool spring by late feb.
Will hope for the best and try to give as much notice as possible maybe the weather and conditions will cooperate better than last year and we can pin down a date with some notice.
ill go if all the sopts are not filled and i dont get shot as an intruder? :lol:

I dont have any guns so you should be all good, and so far room enuff for all. Just a short note to sayI will be back by the end of this week and will be able to give ya all regular reports . Got some work to do out at the tractor pond so will be starting there. Hope things will break by the end of the month will keep you all in the loop as we roll through feb.


Is this invite open to a small boat? I have a 16ft ranger cherokee and I can leave the gas motor at home and use the troller. Permission willing then I would also have an open seat to offer. PM me if you get a chance and we can work out the details.


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I wish i could have brought my boat out and joined you guys last year. Count me in as long as it isn't between march 1st and april 4th or i will be springer fishing on the big c. And it has to be a weekend.
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